by Paolo Nutini tabs | tabbed by Elinee
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+4   May 17 2009, 04:51 pm by sulami |
Great tab, I just think that the D Major chord is a D major 7 as shown below

e ---|-x-|---|---|---|
B -x-|---|---|---|---|
G ---|-x-|---|---|---|
D ---|---|---|---|---|
A ---|---|---|---|---|
E ---|---|---|---|---|
+3   June 16 2009, 11:32 am by DrauG |
nice tab, thank You : )
+5   June 22 2009, 07:40 pm by neepster |
adlib at end of song

All the cutthroats and their negatives
All of them have got me waiting and waiting
All the cheap and the sugary philosophies
Have got me on the fence just waiting and waiting
All the angels, and their halos
All they do is keep me waiting and waiting
+1   June 23 2009, 12:28 pm by Elinee |
Thanks! Yeah I know, but when I made this tab the single wasn´t out yet, I made it from this live version I found on youtube.. I´ll edit it sometime soon!
July 7 2009, 03:49 am by 99_ |
Very nice, sounds good to me! Thank you for posting this,
July 14 2009, 11:05 am by Sambo1978 |
GREAT TAB! Thanks man for posting this tab, great song and I have nailed it. Love playiny this when I've had a few beers!
July 17 2009, 08:10 am by Chris_Sleeps |
The chord shown by sulami below is not a DMaj7, it is a D7.
July 22 2009, 02:45 am by muppetx |
Thanks for the adlib, neepster
July 22 2009, 07:55 am by Sambo1978 |
SORRY! Great tab Lady! Played it at a local open music night, went down a storm! :)
-1   July 28 2009, 02:38 pm by Elinee |
@ Chris_Sleeps: Isn't D Major 7 and D7 the same?? :P
August 1 2009, 09:26 pm by Jimmy_macleod |
Cracking tab, great for a drunken sing along!! Paolo is a legend already!
August 25 2009, 02:30 pm by Lisaohare23 |
"...After my heart

Oh I'm often false explaining
But to her it plays out all the same..."
the correct lyrics are- "...After my hug....
Oh i'm often found explaining,
But the hurt plays out all the same..."
Awesome tab dude!
+1   September 8 2009, 08:00 pm by icesoccer7 |
Does anyone know the strumming pattern for this?
+1   September 8 2009, 08:01 pm by icesoccer7 |
I'm trying to learn this song but am having trouble with the strumming pattern
September 14 2009, 03:26 pm by HollieG |
i'm also having trouble with the strumming pattern.. does anyone know it?????
September 19 2009, 05:55 am by jamiecee |
D D U U D U U D U thats what i think just from listenin to it :)
September 19 2009, 05:57 am by jamiecee |
then theres a down up on the note change
September 19 2009, 05:59 am by jamiecee |
ddu udu udu udud thats it
September 22 2009, 02:20 am by icesoccer7 |
Thanks a bunch! One more question though... do you play that on every chord before switching?
December 12 2009, 07:46 am by humanmachine |
very nice tab thanks alot :) nice sing along with a few friends after a few beers this one :D
December 30 2009, 04:11 pm by chactor xD |
I think on the Em - G chord change you play --0--2--3-- into the G note as well. great tab (and thanks for the strumming pattern- I was struggling!!) other than that I think the strumming pattern above (ddu udu udu udud) is played for each chord. :)
January 25 2010, 09:11 pm by mmccabe123 |
Just like to say ta for this tab, was one of the first songs i learned on the guitar recently and i have posted my video of Candy on youtube just tonite....wouldnt be poss without this tab!! Cheers!

If ne1 fancy's watchin it my youtube channel is:
-1   February 9 2010, 06:33 pm by DCI-Taggart |
I think the strum pattern is D UD UD UD UDU. Also the lyrics are "..after my hug" rather than after my heart. Thanks for the tab.
-1   February 9 2010, 09:00 pm by DCI-Taggart |
Sorry, I meant DDU UD DUDU.
February 11 2010, 05:17 pm by alvinbaggins |
Great tab learned it in 5 mins. just started guitar and this was definetly one of the first songs I wanted to learn and this tab helped me to do that so thanks
April 6 2010, 10:10 am by c_piggo |
the strum pattern i learned is dduu dud :) great tab its super! such a beautiful song :D
April 6 2010, 10:30 am by c_piggo |
dont mind my previous comment i think its wrong :S
November 3 2011, 01:17 pm by Misguided Ghost |
Nice, thanks.
Strumming I know is DDUDUDU x2
September 24 2013, 09:39 am by James-W89 |
Anybody have a tab for the guitar playing the instrumental? There was one available on UG ages ago, I can't find it now though.
April 20 2014, 02:54 pm by westerndilara |
great job! :) to me it sounds better with capo on 1st fred, but I think that's totally up to how you're singing!
January 27 2015, 10:07 am by stevegad |
On the intro, play the Am (strike down from A string) down then as you begin an up-stroke (that you never complete) hit the low E with your pinky on OPEN then THIRD frets. You'll soon work out the pattern. Hope this is useful.
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