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September 22 2013, 03:38 pm by daddymack |
sadly, part of the tab is wrong: the first line of the chorus chords are not F#m to Bmi to F#m, it is G# Major to C# minor to F# Major to B
September 22 2013, 04:30 pm by daddymack |
also, jeez, the lyrics are whack...
Dayton Ohio? 'They're dancing in Chicago'...
not Washington DC, it is 'Baltimore and DC, now'
Across the Big Straw Line? WTF? the line is "Let's form a big strong line, get in time, ..."
Okay, I feel better now...
May 7 2015, 09:09 am by mollzfreenie |
Lack of accuracy. Clearly wrong. The chords simply are not right. Can't rate highly with wrong chords. I'm speaking particularly about the F#m and Bm section that seems to be incorrect.
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