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February 12 2006, 12:27 am by bathroompass |
Wrong key and what they hell is the point of the number system? How bad is it to just put freaking chord letters there?! why do you have to put numbers?
September 18 2006, 11:10 am by Trip272 |
I agree this is ****ing stupid. Put chords not numbers.
March 19 2007, 12:45 pm by palehorse6 |
yep silly ffs
-1   May 5 2007, 09:58 pm by halo00zero |
incorrect and the number system is stupid, as mentioned above.
February 20 2008, 10:25 pm by ssimms |
haha.. GEEE.. this guy must a went to some music school. ill trust him.. this must be right.
-1   September 20 2010, 07:38 am by uwai |
you geniuses will appreciate the number system once you have to start changing key for all kinds of songs.
-1   September 20 2010, 07:39 am by uwai |
oh wait you probably never will
September 20 2010, 07:41 am by uwai |
also the chords are just fine, version 2 of this is in C as well, v3 is 5 half tones up in F
April 13 2012, 03:15 am by dambdirtyape |
I actually prefer using the number system, as pointed out, it is great for transposing. Although a little redundant cause you can alter the key on UG anyway, I still don't find it inconvenient. plus it would take a new musician all of five minutes to learn the extremely useful theory.
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