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+12   July 19 2009, 02:29 pm by oaw19 |
The chord progression at the end of some stanzas (aka 'we are headed north') I believe is Bm A G instead of D A G. Hope that helps. Also, any idea of the little instrumental chord progression in the middle of the song?
October 21 2009, 05:13 pm by bigCnote23 |
Thanks for posting this. I agree with the change to Bm, that sounds perfect! Are we 100% sure the main progression is D G D, and not D Cadd9 D? i have tried both, and both sound good, but not sure which is correct. As for the middle instrumental part, after messing around with it, the pattern is something like C Bm A A A A A Bm C D D. Comments and corrections are more than welcome, as that is just a guess.
November 6 2009, 03:15 am by voodoonirvana |
great tab. great song. i also agree with the change to Bm. thankyou for posting
+1   February 1 2010, 10:35 am by belgion75 |
The instrumental progression in the middle goes like this:
G F#m Em D Em D Em F#m G A A
February 20 2010, 07:56 pm by 4thearth |
Is there sheet music for this, and can anyone give it to me?
April 14 2010, 06:25 pm by southak |
Goo tab, but you've missed the run-down from D-A-G (as you have it) in the line "I'll see you in the morning time". It's a good part of the song.
September 12 2012, 05:57 pm by n_brostoff |
what do the dashes mean? eg. D- or -G
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