by Paramore tabs | tabbed by Kengus
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+27   September 22 2009, 09:20 pm by lééti |
god, i love this song already. thanks a lot (:
+3   September 24 2009, 05:24 am by KathyCountem123 |
wow this was quick, thanks so much :)
+3   September 24 2009, 09:59 pm by sheppard_e521 |
Thanks alot man..!!
-9   September 25 2009, 04:56 am by wongtong |
The Dm chord doesn't sound right to me.. :/
+4   September 27 2009, 02:46 pm by Gerson Alvarado |
+4   September 27 2009, 11:17 pm by <3myblueguitar |
great tab! =]
The Dm sounds good as 000231 and the Cmaj7 as 032000 too, just a bit easier.
-13   September 29 2009, 08:53 am by matthewchj |
chords are right, only cos it's played so high up so it sounds different. FYI to play it without the capo use C Gm Fmaj7 instead of G Dm Cmaj7
-21   September 30 2009, 05:17 pm by melly95 |
the G doesn't sound right? :S
+6   September 30 2009, 06:21 pm by lindseysings |
this sounds exactly like the song! thanks sooooo much!
+5   October 4 2009, 05:23 am by shearer_9 |
great work...sounds exactly like the song...ty
+13   October 4 2009, 06:29 pm by roby j |
great tab... if i could find might bloody capo. in the mean time i think youll find the main chord pattern without one is b, f sharp minor, e
+1   October 7 2009, 04:06 pm by paramore-crazy |
thats awesome. thanks =D
+5   October 13 2009, 07:23 pm by BlueTJay |
the chord structure is correct, but it's just 4 half steps too low

If you play it with the song in standard tuning you'll find it's:

B, F#m, E
+15   October 16 2009, 10:06 am by Kengus |
Hmm, anyone know how to write "capo on 4th fret" in Braille?
October 16 2009, 01:23 pm by mileyjonasfan08 |
omg awsomee thnk u!!!!
-7   October 22 2009, 10:12 pm by musicloverjb |
strumming pattern?
+6   October 25 2009, 06:00 pm by Pink_Guitar_gal |
Okay, this is awesome, it sounds exactly like the song.
All you people saying it's wrong... Well, I totally disagree. With the capo on 4th this is perfect :D
Nice job man,
October 26 2009, 03:39 pm by Nilla09 |
Awesome tab
October 27 2009, 01:44 pm by awesom.ariel |
already in love with this song!!! thnx for tabbing it so fast. 5 stars
November 1 2009, 12:25 pm by the2menis1 |
Amazing tab dude, easy to understand and written out clearly, thanks alot.
+4   November 7 2009, 12:01 pm by Classy_Gal |
in reply to musicloverjb the struming pattern i play as ;

d dudu

and just keep repeating it.
If you play along to the track you should be able to get it.
November 28 2009, 07:05 pm by makemusic420 |
excellent tabbbbbbb
-2   December 14 2009, 04:14 pm by curiousbrowneye |
Are you sure Cmaj7 isn't Cmaj9 032003?
+5   December 15 2009, 03:31 pm by CasanovaBass |
Putting another note into the Cmaj7 makes it sounds a little nicer, try (x32030) instead of (x32000)
December 17 2009, 11:14 am by 108108108 |
yh, i thought it was better with the 3 on the b string aswell
January 28 2010, 01:04 am by tessn3 |
this is a awsome tab lol thanx!!!!
February 15 2010, 02:53 pm by HeyApril |
great tab. the chords that some others suggested sound great, as well.
February 17 2010, 03:49 pm by phantomkid |
Great tab. Really good.
+3   February 17 2010, 04:06 pm by phantomkid |
And oh, I think this could be the strumming pattern. If it's wrong, please correct me ;) Thanks.

(G chord) D DUDUD DUDUD DUDU(change to Dm chord) D DUDUD DUDU (Change to Cmaj7) D DUDUD DUDU (change back to G).

P/S : Copied from my Facebook since I posted it there. D:
February 26 2010, 11:45 am by TimyRgxA2 |
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet thanks ^^
+2   February 28 2010, 11:37 pm by Thysios |
...G D Am G D

how long do you play each of these chords for.
+8   March 3 2010, 11:00 pm by BlueInYourShoe |
great Chords. ignore the noobs =P
March 7 2010, 10:32 am by aoweenarcher |
This is correct. Thanks
March 14 2010, 09:14 am by shapeshifter17 |
At first, I don't agree with that capo 4, but you had proven me wrong. Everything's accurate! Thanks ^_^
March 14 2010, 11:13 am by Music_101 |
Sounds good to me. :]
March 17 2010, 03:04 pm by patriciaead |
This is great!! thank you!!! :D
March 23 2010, 12:39 pm by nicdreamy |
what tempo you guys playing - i juat cant seem to get it right? ps i'm only just starting out so still using a metrodome ty
March 28 2010, 07:36 am by superman19 |
this is great.. :D thanks a lot for tabbing this song.. woooo!!! awesome dude. 5 stars \m/
+2   March 30 2010, 09:40 pm by jjlawliet16 |
you can play the song without the capo using B, F#m and E for the verses...really..
+1   March 31 2010, 02:36 pm by efitz11 |
For those of you playing in a half a step down for most Paramore songs, the chords are C, Gm, F
April 6 2010, 11:10 pm by Thatoneguy123 |
December 15 2009, 03:31 pm by CasanovaBass |
Putting another note into the Cmaj7 makes it sounds a little nicer, try (x32030) instead of (x32000)

What this guy said. Sounds much better this way. Everything else is perfect though! 5*
April 9 2010, 05:39 pm by Tovin |
Strumming Pattern (the one i tried :P)
The first 'D' strumming all the strings and the last four strums being light and only on the last four stings.
April 20 2010, 11:32 pm by josh_kicks |
great chords!! 5 stars!! there's something i wanna add its this, the second time your gonna play the G chord change it to this G 320033,only the second one ok!
then again this chord rocks :D
April 23 2010, 11:44 pm by HeyApril |
Hey, this is great! Thanks! :)
May 7 2010, 10:42 pm by hazeleyes17 |
This is a perfect tab. For real.
It's absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!!! :D
May 7 2010, 10:45 pm by hazeleyes17 |
OH, and people were asking about strumming pattern... listen to the song. It's a little crazy... a lot of it is on the off-beat.
May 30 2010, 10:29 pm by madhatter123 |
can anybody make a strumming pattern for the whole song> I got the chords but cant figure them out ): thanks!
+4   June 5 2010, 06:34 am by valcataluna |
Cool. The tab sounds G-R-E-A-T! For those folks who cannot get how the strumming pattern is, don't be a lazy bum and listen to the song.

But, I am still wondering. If you carefully listen to the song, you will hear "creaks" as the guitarist changes chords. This means that the guitarist MAYBE using bar chords and it's pretty far away from each other since there's a creak. Just wondering why.

Anyway, I give this tab 5 stars!
-1   June 6 2010, 01:07 am by sheppard_e521 |
pretty sure he doesn't use cape mainly because he doesn't in the video
+1   June 11 2010, 07:55 pm by guitarchick678 |
he plays it different in the video than in the tab. so hes probably not going to use the capo if he plays it differently. it sounds great either way :)
-6   June 13 2010, 09:45 pm by demon of guitar |
try with c

G no

C yes

-3   June 23 2010, 05:25 am by angweijian |
really really good.. but there's nothing wrong if i used a capo right? cos without the capo the key is a bit low.. but well done! :D :D :D

-weijian- :D
+2   June 23 2010, 05:26 am by angweijian |
oh.. sorry.. its stated that capo on the forth fret.. my bad.. ;)
+6   June 24 2010, 03:49 am by Kengus |
You might want to have a doctor look at that. :)
June 25 2010, 03:18 pm by byakuyaz |
Cmaj7 doesn't sound as good as Cadd9..That's what I think.
-3   July 1 2010, 10:45 pm by skittles45 |
Who's Paramore? just wonderin cuz ther on the top list.
Radio sux
-1   July 4 2010, 01:58 am by doobidoo |
D Am Gmaj x2


July 8 2010, 02:47 pm by SxyGuitarChk |
it does kinda but how do u do Gmaj7
(I'm Barely 12!!
+1   July 9 2010, 01:29 am by PurpleHiTops |
Perfect!! =D
+1   July 13 2010, 05:35 pm by rrfan1 |
Thanks soooo much!
+1   July 21 2010, 08:47 pm by imaluckygirl96 |
awesome job
+2   July 23 2010, 05:31 am by scorpianlady |
thanks so much for the chords i'm gonna play it for my fiance.:)
+1   July 25 2010, 12:11 am by polid-cl |
bloody good job!
+5   July 26 2010, 12:39 pm by ScarTissuex |
The strumming pattern is sorta like this.


And then the Bridge would be

August 6 2010, 12:56 am by gtr.man95 |

The Gmaj7 is played 320002.
-1   August 6 2010, 12:57 am by gtr.man95 |
P.S. I am 12. :p~
+3   September 1 2010, 11:19 pm by guitargirl_007 |
It's done 'exceptionally' well! (;
+2   September 2 2010, 03:45 pm by cristy♥twilight |
Something is seriously wrong with alliehannahpoop!! It (yes, whoever they are they're an "it") lurks around tab comment boards and leaves crap like this! Young kids are on here for and they don't need to see that!

Great tab by the way -thanks:)
+1   September 5 2010, 01:44 pm by Wouter_NL |
Great tab, never heard of the song but checked it out on youtube when a saw it on #1. Thanks!
September 9 2010, 12:57 pm by ValleyofLight |
Its awesome.
September 10 2010, 07:22 pm by ezepeda96 |
the original way that paramore plays it has no capo. this version sounds alright. should be 3.5-4. check out the 5 star tab , its the exact way paramore plays it
September 18 2010, 02:02 am by xxNeverAgainx |
-6   September 20 2010, 11:36 pm by dvalukis |
Few things that I kept seeing people post....
1. Asking for strumming pattern - Are u serious? Never should a strumming pattern be requested or given. It's like asking how many times the snare gets hit in a given measure. Just listen.
2. Its not Capo 4. Just cause it "souns different" doesnt mean capo. Clearly has a Coldplay feel to it and is using a common alternate tuning used by Coldplay. Strumming pattern is coldplay and so is the chord progression and so is the electric guitar tone aaaaannnnndddd so is the Bridge solo.
Dont get me wrong. I love this effing song.
-1   October 3 2010, 10:22 am by marcelaguiar |
Whats the strum Pattern???

Just kidding ^_^ thought id piss some people off.

Um just curious, this tab having 17000-ish hits, makes it suspicious of the use of autoclicker...
+2   October 15 2010, 01:56 am by Kengus |
Quite right. I never said that this is the correct way to play the song. Capo just makes it "more accessible" to a wider guitar-playing audience, perhaps.
October 21 2010, 10:34 am by ash-o-lilly |
thx SO much! this song is great and people, STOP CURSING!!!
-2   October 24 2010, 07:17 pm by jacks2axe |
i think the Dm should be a Dm7 000211 but that's just what my ears tell me :) ooh and i agree with
November 22 2010, 05:31 pm by BrennanNKelley |
I think this sounds right...maybe my ears just aren't trained?? But it works for me so thank you!! ;)
-2   November 30 2010, 04:18 am by hally_321 |
thats really good but maybe the G is a Gm bar chord, but if its not, its easier to play the G like this 320033 because then you can use your third finger sort of as a point where you can make the Dm if that makes sense? but anyway, great tab :D
+1   December 1 2010, 10:44 pm by Bleeding_Metal1 |
The tuning is wrong you dont need a capo it's standard but D# on the high e string they tabbed the whole song out in the guitar world magazine with every part.

-2   December 4 2010, 06:18 am by XxbirdiiexX |
i think that instead of using Dm you should use Am. im not sure about anyone else but i think it sounds better :)
-3   December 9 2010, 03:03 pm by wazzzzzaaa |
It's a good tab but the one with the capo on the 2nd fret is better
-6   December 16 2010, 05:32 am by nixxi93 |
All chords are correct except for Dm which should be Dmajor.

Great chords. Totally accurate (except of course for the Dm)
December 23 2010, 04:42 pm by 3es |
January 1 2011, 01:59 am by buzzy4321 |
PERFECT! thanks!!!!
January 8 2011, 12:42 pm by CheddarHeader |
Thanks, this has helped a lot!!!
-4   January 18 2011, 04:49 pm by cA1uM |
instead of using cmaj7
you could use E
+1   March 4 2011, 12:49 pm by xIzzyLovesMCRx |
On the last bit i do:

C Am G
And I'm on my way to Believing

just because I fail at chords like F xD

and I do the
"I've got a tight grip on reality..." bit differently too, but apart from that, thank you so much! perfect :D xxx
+1   March 12 2011, 01:45 pm by XxbirdiiexX |
on the last bit i play Em instead of F because i am useless at the F chords:L
Thankyou so much! amazing tab! 5 stars:)
April 12 2011, 01:46 pm by edmaxfield |
It's capo on 4th fret
August 11 2011, 12:12 pm by nutmeg.kj |
this is awesome! thanks!
August 11 2011, 08:52 pm by ninja_unicorn44 |
OMG this is so great!
I only started acoustic 2 months ago, and this was so easy with my capo on the 4th fret.
Also, an easier strumming pattern which may sound nicer and simpler is DDUD DDUD DDUD DDUD / DDUD DDUD /DDUD DDUD
(/ is when chord changes, G to Dm to Cmaj7)
August 31 2011, 08:30 pm by keepdesirealive |
I find it sounds sooo much closer putting the capo on the second fret.

Then play

A-e-D7 for the verse and chorus.

Then b minor- A-Emaj.-b minor-A-E-Dmaj. for the bridge.

At the slow part at the end:
I'm on my way to believing.

The D minor in this tab sounds wrong because this version is transposed.
September 10 2011, 09:53 pm by Music&Unicorns♥ |
IF YOU WANT THE SRUMMING PATTERN, JUST LISTEN TO THE SONG!!! Because all these patterns are wrong.. And the strumming is really easy..
October 12 2011, 01:15 pm by KatieRoncalli |
Beautiful! It's perfect! Great job!! :)
November 20 2011, 05:20 pm by sandigrrrl1 |
Thank You!!!! :D
April 27 2012, 05:57 pm by livyestrellado |
thx....It really Helped....!!!!!!!
May 31 2012, 09:56 pm by Periwinkle511 |
throughout the whole song it's C not Cmaj7, and in the end rather than F people can still use a Dm
October 29 2012, 03:38 pm by drkangl08 |
Doesn't matter if you use C or Cmaj7 since Cmaj7 is a common variation of the C chord, as well as another variation of C (032033) that my friend uses to play this song. You can also capo at the 2nd fret with this chord set. Depends on if you are singing to the song as to whether or not you would capo at the 4th or elsewhere..
October 29 2012, 03:47 pm by drkangl08 |
Strum pattern as follows (D DUDUD DUDUD DUDUD DUDUD) There is always a brief pause where the spaces are. But this is the base strum pattern.
January 30 2013, 11:28 am by tomatopicker |
WOW, this is lovely!
February 15 2013, 04:15 pm by MGOODINE |
whats the strumming pattern??
March 2 2013, 04:32 am by mugzeegurl |
YAAAAYYY!!! <3 <3 <3
March 9 2013, 09:46 am by geeksthename |
beautiful. truly beautiful.
March 9 2013, 11:30 am by sguziewicz1 |
This is such an easy song, but so beautiful. It's all about how you perform/and really all the tiny details and touchups, and little decisions that make a song.
March 9 2013, 11:33 am by sguziewicz1 |
The only thing about the strumming pattern is that, yes, you should be able to figure it out based on the rhythm.. but, if it is a sincere question answer it! You came here to find the chords, no one said "listen to the song and find out yourself" I agree, people need to have a good sense of rhythm, but just answer it if you know the answer. =)
March 21 2013, 03:47 pm by dmayle42489 |
dont use the high E when playing the G and Cadd9 chords its dead on that way
March 21 2013, 03:50 pm by dmayle42489 |
and strumming pattern is DDUDU DDUDU DDUDU through the song
March 25 2013, 09:37 pm by _guitahplayah_ |
Never thought it was such a simple song! Great job(:
March 26 2013, 12:29 am by Lifefukk |
Thank .... I think the capo on 5th fret. well its sounds a lil nice for me. Try It!
April 21 2013, 06:16 pm by simbalinaaaa |
April 25 2013, 09:50 am by josh mccauley |
helped heaps thnks
May 13 2013, 02:26 am by klinthnicolas |
yeah good tab..
May 13 2013, 04:44 pm by audrey7500 |
thanks so much! it's perfect.
June 9 2013, 09:55 pm by raymundo.reyes. |
Anyone interested in a strumming pattern? Here's a video of me playing these tabs and gf singing lyrics :D Opinions would be great ty :3
June 10 2013, 03:33 am by 2008003 |
This chord is perfecto!!
I think it would sound better if you use this version of the chord for the outro:

F = 332300
C = 330230
G = 330023
June 11 2013, 09:49 pm by AleixNoeller10 |
Perfect chart! Sounds awesome! Thanks!
June 25 2013, 06:03 am by Caawabungaa |
Great tab, but that's how i play it (without capo):

--B-- --F#m-- --E--

e|-7-- e|-9-- e|--7--
B|-7-- B|-10- B|--7--
G|-8-- G|-11- G|--8--
D|-9-- D|-11- D|--8--
A|-9-- A|-9-- A|--7--
E|-7-- E|-9-- E|--7--

It's pretty much close to the original.
June 29 2013, 10:17 am by unnnnnnnknown |
Nice and easy song! Love it!
July 16 2013, 09:44 am by Damar Sanjaya |
i think better use D in this time

And I'm on my way to believing
Oh, and I'm on my way to believing.
July 16 2013, 09:47 am by Damar Sanjaya |
i think better like this...

And I'm on my way to believing
Oh, and I'm on my way to believing.
July 30 2013, 05:15 pm by libsterrrrr |
This is so good. Really brilliant tab. Thanks
August 2 2013, 10:31 am by bakingkatie |
I actually like playing it with a capo on the 3rd instead of 4th?
October 30 2013, 05:35 am by cjnsm |
C# Major, bar chord on the 7th Low E string. F# Minor on the 9th, A string. E Minor, on the 7th, A string. That's how they play it acoustic.
November 14 2013, 08:11 pm by waffabakheet |
This is amazing! Good job !
December 5 2013, 12:00 pm by C.Zanyy |
I don't think the C maj 7 sounds right, I think that x32030 sounds better not sure what chord that is though
January 19 2014, 10:13 am by CampFireSingah |
Great, greater, the greatest!
Thanks alot! Great :)
February 5 2014, 10:10 pm by sarinaaa |
Such a great tab! Thank you for taking your time to make it :)
February 8 2014, 05:23 pm by fantsu |
can you post the rythm, strum pattern for the chords? I can't find it myself.
May 30 2014, 05:43 pm by Awesomesauce223 |
Great, great tab.
May 31 2014, 11:04 pm by coversbylauren |
Cmaj7 should be Cmaj9, but otherwise its great!
July 29 2014, 01:25 pm by murrayGJ |
This is a great tab! I love this song. Thanks for putting hard work into it so other people can enjoy it!
August 30 2014, 04:50 pm by nadokee963 |
DDU DU for strumming patter! :D
February 27 2015, 07:16 pm by LesPaulM8 |
This is extremely simple, and really fun to play. Thanks, by the way :D
April 7 2015, 12:00 am by thesignofthre |
I love this song, super easy to read and play. Perfect.
May 11 2015, 07:01 pm by chunky_rabbit |
This song sounds really good transposed to a guitar tuned down to Eb.. this is for all us guys who couldnt even dream of singing like Haley Williams ;)
June 22 2015, 01:53 pm by h.crean1 |
Great tab but I think Cmaj7 should just a C :) xxx
August 19 2015, 05:34 pm by peytonfountain |
Awesome! Love it! Thsnks!
November 20 2015, 03:32 pm by saritaperl |
end on the Cmaj7
AMAZING!! i love this song
January 18 2016, 10:50 pm by gabbe686 |
I had to move my capo to the second fret and transpose +2 so that it sounded like the actual song
March 16 2016, 07:18 am by Jezmic |
great work bro keep it up... sweet song aye
March 16 2016, 07:19 am by Jezmic |
grow some ears lady
March 23 2016, 03:10 pm by ValkyrieTheMage |
Hmm, I play it more as

du dudududu du dudududu
March 24 2016, 08:00 pm by DOLLFACE978 |
Great song, thank you for making this tab!
April 19 2016, 06:37 am by andmcg1 |
CAPO 4 Mate
June 28 2016, 09:24 am by haveithosted |
Perfect!thanks a lot dude.You made it correctly.
July 6 2016, 04:22 pm by aamyswanson |
capo on 4 to sound like the recording
July 21 2016, 11:50 am by uksportsdietiti |
Capo 4...many thanks
July 21 2016, 11:51 am by uksportsdietiti |
Capo should be on 4....many thanks
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