by Miranda Lambert tabs | tabbed by alexb414
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October 16 2009, 12:09 pm by logan_98stang |
hey! Great job with the chords... I'm tryin to figure out the tab for the intro... you have any idea what that is? If you could tab it, that'd be great! I'm tryin to do it myself, but don't have the time right now. I'd love to see someone tab a couple songs from her new album, cause i'd love to play them!
January 11 2010, 08:29 pm by wolfey21 |
hey what is the strum pattern you are using for the song. I wanna see how it compares to the one im using thanks
June 23 2010, 09:45 am by ramalam |
@wolfey21 I use D D U U D D D U
Q E. E S E E S S Its something like that, if not it just sounds good :P
April 24 2014, 07:42 pm by ThisHereGuitar |
This is great!
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