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+1   June 7 2010, 08:59 am by danfraine |
Well done! And what a great song. Lovely to play.
+2   July 16 2010, 04:56 pm by Portel |
I think it's incorrect.

Bm7 should be a D
And uhm, the spacing of the chords isn't right.
Just listen to the song for the placing of the chords
+3   September 25 2010, 12:15 pm by andy_heirons |
It's 'Down the streets of Cowley', not 'Cali'

Cowley is a part of Oxford
December 25 2010, 08:23 pm by firewall200 |
You've got the chords right but you need to drop your tuning down a whole step E - D, A - B, you get the idea. All the chords should be barred except for the D. Just watch the Video.
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