by Lady Gaga tabs | tabbed by dvon88
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December 23 2009, 06:41 pm by dvon88 |
i dont know why it put drop c as the tuning but the tab says the correct tuning i used as D standard, also some of the words and palm muting sections didnt line up with the correct part of the tabs, sorry i dont know why and for some reason it came up as unregistered so i can't change it. if anyone knows how i can claim it as my own and edit it that would be great
September 15 2010, 05:39 pm by c0nv1c2 |
this is perfect

nothing can be said but perfect \m/ awesome \m/
+1   October 14 2010, 10:45 am by TheGuider |
Pretty awesome, to be honest :)

Only a slight mismatch here and there, but other than that, perfect!
January 12 2011, 06:19 pm by Destinyrider22 |
you can do a kind of harmony by playing the chorus lick during the second half of the chorus and a couple pinch harms and this is actually very awesome
February 14 2012, 10:52 am by Izaak247 |
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