by Kara DioGuardi tabs | tabbed by andreabrull
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February 24 2010, 10:11 pm by JonasGirl21125 |
Hey I was playing this song with the capo on th 6th and I think it is on the 8th I just did not sound right with it on the 6th. It was not high enough. and I think the Cadd9 is a Csus. But that is just what I think! all of the rest is awesome!
March 11 2010, 04:47 am by leavethepieces0 |
thanks! awesome tab! :)
April 21 2010, 06:47 am by postitnote |
helloo was wondering if anyone could place the strumming pattern. thanks heaps
May 28 2010, 05:53 pm by briMariee |
try DDUUDU....and other variations
May 28 2010, 06:06 pm by briMariee |
im pretty sure that strumming patter above is right with a little bit of what ever feels right when playing. check out this videoo of kara singign it with her friend. its helpfull andddd its capo 8th fret not 6
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