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-1   May 2 2002, 12:00 am by sashachros |
Where's the picking in between the verses.Tou left out the best part of the song.
-1   December 13 2004, 12:00 am by JohnnyMak |
yeah... Tou ^
December 13 2004, 12:00 am by JohnnyMak |
could you please add the solo as the song faints out? ^^
May 16 2005, 12:00 am by boothy |
damn good tab, know it doesn't matter with the lyrics, just in case you plan onplayin it live lol:

So the world is spinning faster, are you dizzy when YOUR STONED

damn good tab though
-1   July 27 2006, 02:02 pm by LongLiveRock628 |
love the tab but why was this on physical graffiti album and not houses of the holy album
-1   September 25 2006, 09:53 pm by DMJeff24 |
great stuff, longliverock628 has a good point, but still flows nicely
-1   July 6 2007, 01:18 pm by cuominator |
it was on physical graffitti because they felt it sounded too much like The Ocean......i dont think it does but good for them for not making similiar songs on one album
March 31 2008, 08:35 pm by Zeppelinrocker7 |
-1   June 15 2008, 05:09 pm by SimonCH |
Good tab, but you completley missed the ending solo. and those small riffts are a but off.
but great job
+1   September 23 2008, 09:04 pm by DYLANSAD11 |
i have the book and the rythums a little off .7strings?get the book im too lazy to put it down for you . dont worry you were close.
-1   September 23 2008, 09:13 pm by DYLANSAD11 |
-----------------2-2----------------------2-2-2-2-------------------------------------2-2----------------------2-2-2-2-----------------------------2-2-----2-2------3rd time-end----2-2-2-2-----------------------2-2-2-2-2--:--2-2----------------------2-2-2------------------------3-4-0-0-0------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------do it with 6 try it i got it from the book
October 29 2008, 06:53 pm by jpagefan25 |
Great tab, a little of on the riffs but pretty good. longliverock, this song is on physical graffiti, i bought it today and checked.
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