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+3   May 21 2010, 09:33 pm by Lefty101 |
good tab. the chord is a bm4
June 27 2010, 11:35 pm by bree_rose |
I'm new to guitar how do you play a Bm4?
+1   July 2 2010, 04:45 pm by tssfan2009 |
put you index on the 5th string on the 3rd fret, your middle finger on 3rd string, 4th fret and your ring finger on 4th string and 4th fret...and don't play the first finger, but play all the others...

I've made a video tutorial for "If I die Young", where I explain how to play Bm4..
( go to 1:21, and I explain it better there
+4   July 24 2010, 08:24 pm by peaches12345678 |
I honestly just play Bm, it sounds good that way. ( I dont like hard chords)
August 5 2010, 01:49 pm by Leviticus501 |
Great tab!! I played it right off the bat! Bm sounds fine to me but I will give this B4 business a try. (I don't like hard chords either) :-)
August 13 2010, 11:14 pm by beauxxxtifullyz |
Great tab!

Tssfan2009, your video really helped w/ bm4 and the strumming too!

+2   August 28 2010, 04:56 pm by zerogregis |
Good tab.

The chords sound too high for how the song is played if you use a capo though.
October 23 2010, 11:19 am by Country_Lover44 |
it sounds good.
+2   December 22 2010, 12:18 am by cristy♥twilight |
Rate 5 stars...check.
Bookmark tab...check.
Leave comment...check.

These chords are really good! Bm4 is how I play all Bm's. I thought I just always cheated the Bm, I didn't know it was an actual chord! lol!(Self-taught beginner here;)
January 16 2011, 03:12 pm by lbmjtd |
i now its not exactly perfect but i use D instead of Bm4 and it doesnt sound that bad
July 12 2011, 11:54 am by drewproctor |
If you ask me, the Bm4 shouldn't be looked at as that difficult. If you play the A with your middle, ring, and pinky finger on the strings respectively, then all you have to do is slide them 2 frets and drop your index finger on the B string to create an Am shape 2 frets up.. Just food for thought..
+2   August 4 2011, 12:12 pm by bigkevn1989 |
i don't understand why the Bm4 is shown as playing an A as the lowest note. wouldn't that be a Bm4/A, because you're adding the 7th of the chord in the bass? i feel like the A doesn't fit at all. the way it feels like it should be is:


this way there is a B as the lowest note in the chord.
August 9 2011, 04:26 pm by Ksingguitar |
Thanks! This is really good :D
+2   October 11 2011, 03:47 pm by Creative-Noise |
Hey looks good, but the chord is just a Bm. None of that Bm4 nonsense.

Just as a side note though, if it WAS Bm4 the proper name is Bm11 (for those of you who know a bit of theory 4 and 11 are the same note, but if there's a 3rd in the chord you call it 11, otherwise it's a sus4 chord). And the comment a few above mine is right, the lowest note should be a B, not the open A, otherwise it would be Bm11/A.
December 31 2011, 02:50 pm by nouravb |
I actually think the Bm4 sounds better when you play x02230. That way after you play the A you just slide your ring finger down 1 fret. When I play it the way it says in the diagram it sounds flat.
June 15 2012, 02:02 pm by bigkevn1989 |
thanks for the backup creative noise. one thing i forgot to add before was that if you like the sound of the A on the bottom, you can use it as a sort of passing tone on the way the the G chord following it. just play it like this:

Bm11 Bm11/A G

just play the Bm11 for half of the time you'd be playing that chord and then Bm11/A for the 2nd half. it gives a nice transition to G. same for if you are just playing a Bm. just do Bm-Bm/A-G.
July 10 2012, 10:29 am by Sparkling Lace |
If anyone wants the chords to Sam Tsui's version, they were written lower:

F, C, G, Am
April 9 2013, 06:42 pm by chloesguitar |
bm7 works for me instead of bm4
April 29 2013, 09:04 pm by elfa |
kimberly plays it this way live
May 3 2013, 12:36 am by tzipporah23 |
Kimberly plays this song on capo 3 normally there is only once that she used capo 2 that i have seen so far and it sounds better if your on an acoustic i knew something was not quite right. other than that it darn close to what she is doing
May 3 2013, 02:02 am by tzipporah23 |
I just figured out the real chord name according to chorderator the bm4 is actually a C#m7/B and she plays it the same way on either the capo 2 or 3 i have now seen it both ways but its still the same chord shape x04435 I am glad i figured it out because i cannot do the actual bm4 i would need to have fingers like stretch armstrong. hope this helps i got it from sheet music and actually watching very close to kimberly's fingers. enjoy even more now
May 3 2013, 03:13 am by tzipporah23 |
on after im a gonner she plays something 005450 i cant tell if she plays all strings or skips i guess that is up to who is playing
May 3 2013, 03:30 am by tzipporah23 |
also on G chords she quickly switches her pointer finger to the string below before transitioning into D. she does that 005450 on on the word after im a gonner and the the last if i die young part on the word "if" and on the word and "roses sink me" then again words "of a love song" it looks like on go in peace and love" as well not completely sure on the last one she could have played the so called bm4. anyways i just am going by the video and putting notes on here mostly for me to come back to as a reference
May 3 2013, 02:49 pm by tssfan2009 |
@tzipporah23 I think Kimberly plays a half-step "tuned" guitar sometimes live, which would change the capo position to the 3rd fret and keep the song on the 2nd fret actually. I'm sure the correct fret for this song is the 2nd. If you transpose the song to +2 you get the chords she plays in the music video, without the capo (I chosen to post these because they are simpler than A,E B and Cm).
Secondly I tabbed this a long time ago (almost 3 years), and Kimberly played it live like this. I could change the tab, but I think it's easier like this. Feel free to add your own pull-off's, I prefer to keep the tab cleaner and easier, but I understand that advanced players prefer to play exactly the way the song should be played.
The thing before the G chord I think she does it in every song before changing the chord, if I understood correctly what you are referring (it was kind of confusing for me).
June 6 2013, 03:35 pm by kiba56 |
You could put capo on 3rd fret to. Ive been watching some videos of her doing this song and there are some with it on the 3rd fret.....

and then another video where she puts it on 3rd fret is a performance at the white house which you can find on youtube
August 14 2013, 01:04 pm by Parablue |
This tab is ALL WRONG.. you are not suppose to capo 2..
Just play standard..
A E Bsus4 C#m (while leaving the 1st string open throughout)..
Simple stuff.. made complex by wrong tabs..
August 22 2013, 09:09 am by tssfan2009 |
This is a tab for the way Kimberly plays the song live. I tabbed this more than 3 years ago, and I liked the live version of the song so I tabbed that one.
If you want to play the studio version, standard without a capo, you should play A E B and C#m7. there is an official music sheet for this version if you want to check it (

So this is not wrong. You could say it's a transposed version, but definitely not wrong.
August 22 2013, 10:09 am by Parablue |
I can't see the score in the link you mention about.. unless I actually buy the file for $3.99.. which I'm not going to..

OK. fine if it's her live version.. she probably used capo because for a lot of these artist, their studio recording was done with a sessionist guitarist.. and when performing live, she is singing and playing.. so she needs to concentrate on her singing.. so, using a capo is simplifying the guitar playing..
August 22 2013, 11:30 am by tssfan2009 |
the official sheet music sold on amazon is also sold on some other websites, like this one: that allows a preview, if you want to check it.

If you transpose the official tab you get G D A and Bm7, which are the chords I used, except for Bm7 because Kimberly plays it live like Bm4, and it sounds better overall.
I can add the untransposed chords on the notes, but honestly most advanced players that can actually play those chords are usually able to transpose the tab. That's why I'm keeping the "capo-ed" version.
August 22 2013, 03:37 pm by Parablue |
I don't quite agree with the Bm7 things (C#m7 for studio version)..
I'm playing C#m (with open high E string).. sounds better..
My third chord, I use Bsus4 .. the original has 2 instruments going at one go.. some kind of string that holds pretty dominant sound..I feel a standard B chord doesn't really work well.. the original sheet music is not wrong, because there are 2 instruments.. but playing just guitar alone.. it's up to our discretion..
Base on your way of playing.. even when you place a capo on fret 2, it sounds really away from the studio version.. your first chord G with capo on fret 2 sounds way high..
August 22 2013, 04:27 pm by tssfan2009 |
Of course you can playing whatever feels/sounds better for you. Sometimes all the instruments in the studio version give it a different sound. That is one of the reasons I prefer to tab the songs the way artists play it live, since Kimberly used to play this acoustically with just a base and an accordion to back the guitar.
Anyway, it's your choice and you can certainly play the chords you prefer, eg some people like to play it with the capo on 4th (F, C, G, Am). I can assure you this tab is correct and I checked it with music professionals. Are you sure your guitar is correctly tuned? If it is and your chords sound better for just play it that way. But I am sure this tab is correct.
November 30 2013, 03:22 am by bittersweet_ |
You can also play an Am instead of an Bm4
+1   February 12 2014, 10:38 pm by diamondwinter88 |
Bm4 is just Am on the third and fourth fret..
June 11 2014, 11:06 am by Gruntfish |
OR... One could hit a D major (x0423x) and then back to the A. The Bm4 works fine, but I think the D adds more space to the song. Just my $.02 on how I play it...
-1   February 9 2015, 03:34 pm by jennajosephineh |
Lack of accuracy. This doesn't sound remotely like the song..... i wish i didn't have to write 20 words, now I'll probably think again when I want to accurately rate something with 1 star.
August 27 2015, 08:00 am by nadjama |
didn't like this contribution
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