by Avenged Sevenfold tabs | tabbed by xxav3ng3d7xx
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-14   July 30 2010, 09:37 pm by Corrupt_Ideals |
Actually tab it please. I don't know names of notes. It could be completely off for all I know.
+6   July 31 2010, 01:02 pm by downfromthesky |
PERFECT good job man :)
+24   August 1 2010, 05:57 am by synysterv |
Great tab, although im not too sure how to play the Arpeggio bit
+4   August 2 2010, 12:55 am by guitarb3ast7x |
this is perfect thanks so much, but it would be better if u could put in the arpeggio part, didnt find any mistakes while playing and the solo is dead on(for all i know) lol thanks a lot for putting the chords in for everyone!
+1   August 3 2010, 11:25 am by DOM BFMV |
dude the solo sounds fine to me, great job xP
August 9 2010, 03:58 pm by davidlhcaz |
I tabbed out the arpeggio part on version 2 if any of you are still concerned.
+2   August 13 2010, 12:08 pm by JReash55 |
Great Tab..would be better if you tab the acoustic guitar played under the solo
August 13 2010, 02:14 pm by l3ell1996 |
So, the song is basically all one-guitar acoustic except for the solos which is another guitar?
September 12 2010, 11:08 pm by kokine |
very very good, but one problem buddy you have it under tab when this is actually goes under chord. but still very good i played it and it sounded great. please try and tab it there are many who dont know a thing about chords.
+1   September 13 2010, 10:01 am by -Aink- |
I think, it should G not Em in :

Am G
The ones that we love are here with me

+13   September 23 2010, 08:26 pm by GeRBiLxCoRe |
The Argeggio Part, it sounds pretty close :D


-5   September 25 2010, 06:03 pm by Maggot66 |
Tab is good.
Lyrics are wrong.
+6   November 7 2010, 10:16 am by marcelaguiar |
Who gives a shit about the lyrics? ULtimate guitar is a site for tabs, there are millions of lyrics sites out there...
+4   January 15 2011, 09:03 pm by Desrook250 |
Where's the tab for the arpeggio part? This is a tab, not a chord version, right? (excluding the solo which was great)
+2   January 15 2011, 09:05 pm by Desrook250 |
my bad, didnt see that correction above xP
Great job though
+3   February 26 2011, 06:05 pm by mag55555skater |
WOW this is geniusXD i thought this song was very diffycult but it is very easy thanks alot this is a great tab:D
keep tabbing dude:)
March 12 2011, 11:26 am by Vathalan |
How do i live without the ones i love?
Time still turns the pages of the book it's burned
Place and time always on my mind
I have so much to say but you're so far away

there is an electric guitar part here. this is what i hear.



there's also a pre-solo for solo 1 that goes like this:


Other than this, amazing tab. Still worth 5*.
March 30 2011, 01:58 pm by avsHRSHES |
I just posted a version I know people will get pissed about the arpeggio part so I'm taking that out (just put that in in case both guitars wanted to do something slightly different. I know its not best rated so far and Im still making some corrections here and there but play it along with the song I watched Synyster Gates play it live and I think the solos sound good overall. Not trying to discredit this tab or version1 cuz theyre both great just wanted to see what people thought of my first tab.
+3   May 10 2011, 08:14 pm by jason7799 |
One of their few songs that isn't drop d..what a i have to get my tuner out lol
Great tab dude
the tuning is worth it by the way
+1   August 4 2011, 08:03 pm by a7x-GoD |
^^ learn to tune by ear like i did xD
November 21 2011, 07:41 pm by Cerebral |
Please put the strumming pattern (: but everything sounds good!
February 24 2012, 06:41 am by GuitarBoy_mc11 |
I love it! it really sounds likee it! xD
+3   January 27 2013, 09:11 am by jordo246 |
Why do you need a tuner to go from drop D to standard
May 26 2013, 11:10 pm by Fuzen |
Can you PLEASE post the tabs instead of chords, I don't know the chords and I try to find a lesson online but it shows like 15 different ways to play it and I don't know which one's correct.
June 4 2013, 09:07 am by santoroguitar |
Wich are the chords during the 2nd solo?
June 9 2013, 02:20 pm by Guitar bam |
Thanks it was really helpful but think on the first solo its sounds better to instead of hitting the 20b22r20 to hit 15b17r15 on the e string
July 15 2013, 03:16 am by Mars Sevenfold |
good tabs.. i love it..
July 29 2013, 04:57 am by Mars Sevenfold |
Solo 1:


+2   February 12 2014, 09:21 pm by christo.sharp1 |
It's to show when the chord switches...
April 23 2014, 12:46 pm by kimkloz_4 |
A Light that healed a broken heart!!! not A laugh that healed the broken heart .... Look up their tab book or go watch A7x live .... some fan you are .... (^^^)
September 24 2014, 11:03 am by loganwhitten12 |
Please add chord postions
February 13 2015, 04:33 pm by xh3llfire |
The bridge (Arpeggio) part is wrong. it goes like this:


+1   July 19 2015, 10:29 pm by Epiphone1234 |
Because everyone is too lazy to tab out the awesome last solo/outro.

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