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September 9 2010, 03:21 pm by luupo |
hey im just starting on guitar and i learnt on internet how to read chords and tabs, sort of at least, and are chords different when playing with capo? the ones you wrote on the description/lyrics:

>Chords: (starting at 6th string)
>G is 3, 2, 0, 0, 3, 3
>C is x, 3, 2, 0, 3, 3

they sound nice but on the chord diagram that the site has they are different, could you please write all the chords like you did with G and C? please.
+2   October 19 2010, 07:04 pm by TSwiftLover |
luupo chords are played the exact same way you would normally play them, there are multiple ways to play chords and that is actually a Cadd9 not a C. Just play the G and C(actually Cadd9) like he said and use the site for the rest of them ... The capo is just your "0" fret now so your 7th fret is 1, 8th is 2 etc... need any more help just ask.
October 23 2010, 06:56 pm by Country_Lover44 |
the chord C should be replaced with Cadd9 and the Am chord should be replaced with the C chord... look the official music video, Kristian bush (of sugarland) plays it that way.
-1   December 10 2010, 08:48 am by Emo_Rockstar |
capo at the 5th fret
January 3 2011, 02:54 pm by Gohard1993 |
This Sounds so good thanks 5 stars
February 14 2011, 08:52 pm by taylorlorrr |
this is really good! thanks :)
February 20 2011, 02:10 pm by bellasutter |
this is good! But in my opinion, it sounds better with the C being a Cadd9. 4 stars
August 14 2011, 02:54 pm by Loulou800 |
Lovelovelove thank-youu
August 14 2011, 02:54 pm by Loulou800 |
*thank-youu :)
August 20 2011, 04:55 pm by iyufan25 |
whats the strumming pattern?
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