by My Chemical Romance tabs | tabbed by Rikkio1
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October 21 2010, 01:01 pm by highkingnm |
Quite ez actually, the intermediate label is gonna unnerve ppl, Perhaps it would be wise 2 change it
+1   October 21 2010, 05:54 pm by Rikkio1 |
Oh ok. i wasn't sure if the B/D# chord was gonna screw anyone up.. thanks :) now to find out how to change it... lol I'm new at this
-1   October 26 2010, 08:29 am by TheKilljoys |
Anyone able to do the chords for bass?
November 23 2010, 09:44 am by spmcflylover |
would somebody be so kind as to do a tab of the B/D# chord?
I can find it anywhere
thanks you!
+1   December 1 2010, 11:27 am by Zucchinios |
A B chord has a D# in it anyway so surely it would just be B?
+1   March 3 2011, 03:19 pm by CinjinCain |
killjoy - bass chords???? No such animal.
March 8 2011, 07:14 pm by bartfan14 |
would it be possible to just take the note off of these and play the bass for that? Like instead of a B chord for example, just play the B on the bass?
April 8 2011, 05:19 pm by Rikkio1 |
@bartfan14 I'm not really a bass player, but that could probably work. Maybe try looking up live videos and watching Mikey. He's probably got something more intricate than this :)
+1   September 24 2012, 09:45 am by MsMCRmyKilljoy |
Chords are pretty accurate...but a little hard for my level lol. I change my fingers quite slow, but I can hold the chords :)
December 10 2015, 12:21 pm by littlehellju |
capo on 1# and B/D# turns C/E. :)
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