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A Perfect Murder Call It Quit : A Perfect Murder is officially breaking up. The band writes: There are a lot of things that could be discussed about but we don't wanna go that way. [NEWS]
A Perfect Murder: Unbroken : This is some real hardcore! Fast, loud and banging. [REVIEW]
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·   Body And Blood
·   Time Bomb
·   Time Changes Nothing

A Perfect Murder Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Body And Blood
Tracks: distortion guitar, electric bass (finger), overdriven guitar, drums
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  ·   Body And Blood [ 3 ] Tab
  ·   Body And Blood Guitar Pro
  ·   Snake Eyes
Tab Pro
  ·   Snake Eyes Guitar Pro
  ·   Time Bomb Tab
  ·   Time Bomb (ver 2) Tab
  ·   Time Changes Nothing Tab
  ·   Time Changes Nothing (ver 2) Tab
  ·   Wake Up And Die Tab