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Wolf Hoffmann About Writing Accept Songs: ‘The Core of the Music Should be Like Back in the '80s’ : "I want it to sound somewhat old-school and '80s, only with a modern touch and modern sound, fresh ideas and all of that." [NEWS]
Accept: I'm A Rebel : Accept would finally settle on their classic sound with their next, excellent album "Breaker" in 1981, and while "I'm a Rebel" holds no candle to the rest of Accept's '80s material, it's a novelty and well worth checking out! [REVIEW]
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·   Balls To The Wall
·   Metal Heart
·   Princess Of The Dawn

Accept Tabs [ bass ]

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  ·   Ahead Of The Pack Bass
  ·   Aiming High Bass
  ·   All Or Nothing Bass
  ·   Amamos La Vida Bass
  ·   Another Second To Be Bass
  ·   Balls To The Wall [ 5 ] Bass
  ·   Balls To The Wall (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Balls To The Wall (ver 3) [ 7 ] Bass
  ·   Balls To The Wall (ver 4) Bass
  ·   Bound To Fail Bass
  ·   Breaker Bass
  ·   Burning Bass
  ·   Cant Stand The Night Bass
  ·   China Lady Bass
  ·   Dogs On Leads Bass
  ·   Donation Bass
  ·   Dont Go Stealing My Soul Away Bass
  ·   Fast As A Shark Bass
  ·   Fast As A Shark (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Flash Rocking Man Bass
  ·   Generation Clash Bass
  ·   Guardian Of The Night Bass
  ·   Hellhammer Bass
  ·   I Dont Wanna Be Like You Bass
  ·   I Wanna Be No Hero Bass
  ·   Im A Rebel Bass
  ·   Its Hard To Find A Way Bass
  ·   Living For Tonight Bass
  ·   London Leatherboys Bass
  ·   Losers And Winners Bass
  ·   Losing More Than You Ever Had Bass
  ·   Love Child Bass
  ·   Love Sensation Bass
  ·   Metal Heart Bass
  ·   Midnight Highway Bass
  ·   Midnight Mover Bass
  ·   Monsterman Bass
  ·   Neon Nights Bass
  ·   Objection Overruled Bass
  ·   Pomp And Circumstance Bass
  ·   Primitive Bass
  ·   Princess Of The Dawn Bass
  ·   Prisoner Bass
  ·   Restless And Wild Bass
  ·   Run If You Can Bass
  ·   Russian Roulette Bass
  ·   Save Us Bass
  ·   Screaming For A Love Bite Bass