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AFI Already Planning to Work on Next Album : It's been approximately only seven months since AFI released their latest album, but already they are planning to work on a follow-up album. [NEWS]
AFI: AFI (The Blood Album) : Wanting to throw back to the energy of their earlier days while also keeping a grip on the mature sound of their recent years, AFI's tenth album clashes with itself. [REVIEW]
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·   Miss Murder
·   Girls Not Grey
·   The Leaving Song

AFI Tabs [ drums ]

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  ·   Bleed Black Drums
  ·   Brownie Bottom Sundae Drums
  ·   Clove Smoke Catharsis Drums
  ·   Cruise Control Drums
  ·   Dont Make Me Ill Drums
  ·   File Drums
  ·   Girls Not Grey Drums
  ·   Kung-Fu Devil Drums
  ·   Midnight Sun Drums
  ·   Morning Star Drums
  ·   Porphyria Cutanea Tarda Drums
  ·   Rizzo In The Box Drums
  ·   The Boy Who Destroyed The World Drums
  ·   The Leaving Song Part Drums
  ·   Third Season Drums
  ·   Wake Up Call Drums