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  ·   Asesino Chords
  ·   Behold The Face Of Death
Tracks: distortion guitar, drums, overdriven guitar, electric bass (finger)
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  ·   Behold The Face Of Death Guitar Pro
  ·   Day Of Apocalypse Tab
  ·   El Vagón De La Muerte Tab
  ·   From Heaven We Fall
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2)
Tab Pro
  ·   From Heaven We Fall Guitar Pro
  ·   Hacia La Eternidad Chords
  ·   Héroes Caidos Tab
  ·   How We See The World Tab
  ·   Libertad Tab
  ·   Loco Por El Rock'n Roll Chords
  ·   Ni Plata Ni Religion Chords
  ·   The Darkest Crime Tab Pro
  ·   The Darkest Crime Guitar Pro
  ·   Todo Costó Sacrificios Chords
  ·   Todo Por Amor Chords
  ·   Tu Eres El Amor Chords
  ·   Written In Black
Tracks: distortion guitar
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  ·   Written In Black Guitar Pro