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Biffy Clyro Will Give Away New Vinyl to Their '500 Biggest Fans' : The Kilmarnock trio will reward their most ardent followers with a totally free record. [NEWS]
Biffy Clyro: Ellipsis : "Ellipsis" feels like a slightly "pop-ier" version of "Opposites." Because of this, it is a great follow up to "Opposites," stepping in a new direction and sounding fresh. Though it is definitely not the best Biffy Clyro album. [REVIEW]
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Biffy Clyro Tabs [ drums ]

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  ·   A Day Of Drums
  ·   A Whole Child Ago [ 5 ] Drums
  ·   Glitter And Trauma Drums
  ·   Mountains [ 3 ] Drums