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Big Dumb Face: Duke Lion Fights The Terror : While Bizkit fans may eat this up, to quote Spinal Tap, "There's a fine line between clever and stupid," and Big Dumb Face falls squarely on the stupid side. [REVIEW]
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Big Dumb Face Chords & Tabs

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updated: 11/16/2016 type: guitar / bass / power / pro / drums / ukulele sort by: name / date
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  ·   Blood Red Head On Fire
Tracks: distortion guitar, slap bass 1
Tab Pro
  ·   Blood Red Head On Fire Tabs
  ·   Blood Red Head On Fire Power Tab
  ·   Burgalveist Drum Tabs
  ·   Duke Lion Intro Tabs
  ·   Duke Lion Tabs
  ·   Duke Lion Bass Tabs
  ·   Kali Is The Sweethog Tabs
  ·   Mighty Penus Laser Tabs
  ·   Mighty Penus Laser Bass Tabs
  ·   Rebel Chords
  ·   Rebel Tabs
  ·   Rebel Ukulele
  ·   Voices In The Wall
Tracks: electric guitar (jazz), electric bass (pick), drums, trumpet
Tab Pro
  ·   Voices In The Wall Guitar Pro
  ·   Voices In The Wall Power Tab