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Hit The Lights: BCC's Glenn Hughes: 'Joe And I Are The Robert Plant And Jimmy Page' : Robert Gray telephoned Black Country Communion frontman Glenn Hughes to discuss the group's life thus far. [NEWS]
Black Country Communion: Afterglow : In basic summary the recipe for this album was: one true blues-rock band from the early 70's, a cup of obvious influences from the members' experiences, and a pinch of modernity in style and production. [REVIEW]
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Black Country Communion Tabs [ tabs ]

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  ·   Big Train Tab
  ·   Black Country [ 5 ] Tab
  ·   Black Country (ver 2) Tab
  ·   Faithless Intro Tab
  ·   Faithless Tab
  ·   Medusa Trapeze Tab
  ·   One Last Soul [ 5 ] Tab
  ·   Save Me Tab
  ·   Smokestack Woman Tab
  ·   Song Of Yesterday [ 11 ] Tab