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Blind Guardian's Marcus Siepen: “We are Very Happy to be Blessed with Awesome Fans” : "...whenever we play the song 'The Lord Of The Rings', there are people bursting into tears just because we announced the next song is going to be 'The Lord Of The Rings'..." [NEWS]
Blind Guardian: Beyond The Red Mirror : Blind Guardian conjures up their distinctive breed of symphonic metal for an attention-capturing concept album, "Beyond the Red Mirror." [REVIEW]
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Blind Guardian Tabs [ bass ]

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  ·   A Dark Passage Bass
  ·   A Past And Future Secret Bass
  ·   And The Story Ends Bass
  ·   And Then There Was Silence Bass
  ·   Ashes To Ashes Bass
  ·   Banish From Sanctuary Bass
  ·   Best Bass
  ·   Black Chamber Bass
  ·   Blood Tears Bass
  ·   Born In A Mourning Hall Bass
  ·   By The Gates Of Moria Bass
  ·   Dont Break The Circle Bass
  ·   Fiddler On The Green Bass
  ·   Gandalfs Rebirth [ 3 ] Bass
  ·   Imaginations From The Other Side Bass
  ·   Into The Storm Bass
  ·   Lord Of The Rings Bass
  ·   Lost In The Twilight Hall Bass
  ·   Majesty Bass
  ·   Majesty (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Mirror Mirror Bass
  ·   Mirror Mirror (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Mordreds Song Bass
  ·   Mr Sandman Bass
  ·   Mr Sandman (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Nightfall Bass
  ·   Nightfall (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Noldor Bass
  ·   Quest For Tanelorn Bass
  ·   Run For The Night Bass
  ·   Soulforged Bass
  ·   Spread Your Wings Bass
  ·   The Age Of False Innocence Bass
  ·   The Bards Song Bass
  ·   The Curse Of Feanor Bass
  ·   The Curse Of Feanor (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Thorn Bass
  ·   Time Stands Still Bass
  ·   Time What Is Time Bass
  ·   To France Bass
  ·   Tommy Bass
  ·   Traveler In Time Bass
  ·   Trial By Fire Bass
  ·   Valhalla Bass
  ·   Weird Dreams Bass
  ·   Weird Dreams (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Welcome To Dying Bass
  ·   When Sorrow Sang Bass
  ·   When Sorrow Sang (ver 2) Bass