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Blue Cheer Frontman Passes Away : Dickie Peterson, the singer and bass player of Blue Cheer, sadly passed away at the age of sixty one. [NEWS]
Blue Cheer: Vincebus Eruptum : This is the first record by Blue Cheer, released in January 1968, and one of the most influential albums ever made in rock music. Many people calls this the true first heavy metal album of all time, due to it's heavy riffs, drums and insane distortion. [REVIEW]
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  ·   Babylon Tab Tabs
  ·   Fruit And Icebergs Bass Tab Bass Tabs
Magnolia Caboose Baby Finger Tab Pro Pro [ 1 ] Tab Pro
  ·   Magnolia Caboose Baby Finger Tab Tabs
  ·   Magnolia Caboose Baby Finger Guitar Pro Tab Guitar Pro
  ·   Out Of Focus Tab [ 6 ] Tabs
  ·   Out Of Focus (ver 2) Tab Tabs
  ·   Out Of Focus Bass Tab Bass Tabs
  ·   Parchment Farm Tab Tabs
  ·   Peace Of Mind Intro Tab Tabs
  ·   Rock Me Baby Tab [ 3 ] Tabs
  ·   Second Time Around Tab Tabs
Summertime Blues Tab Pro Pro [ 9 ] Tab Pro
  ·   Summertime Blues Tab [ 7 ] Tabs
  ·   Summertime Blues Guitar Pro Tab Guitar Pro
  ·   Summertime Blues (ver 2) Guitar Pro Tab [ 9 ] Guitar Pro
  ·   Summertime Blues Bass Tab [ 5 ] Bass Tabs
  ·   The Hunter Tab Tabs