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Brad Paisley Goes Instrumental With New Album : Brad Paisley's new instrumental abum, Play hits stores September 2, 2008 and includes many other personnel including BB King and Keith Urban. [NEWS]
Brad Paisley: Moonshine In The Trunk : With another great release, Brad Paisley trades in controversial lyrics for some jaw dropping guitar solos. [REVIEW]
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Brad Paisley Tabs [ bass ]

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  ·   Beat This Summer Bass Tabs
  ·   Im Gonna Miss Her Bass Tabs
  ·   Oh Yeah Youre Gone Bass Tabs
  ·   Online Bass Tabs
  ·   Whiskey Lullably Bass Tabs
  ·   Whiskey Lullaby Bass Tabs
  ·   Whiskey Lullaby (ver 2) Bass Tabs
  ·   Whisky Lullaby Bass Tabs
  ·   Wrapped Around Bass Tabs