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Burden Brothers: Mercy : The album suffered a big set-back along its journey to completion with the band parting ways with their bassist during early pre-production. [REVIEW]
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·   Beautiful Night
·   Youre So God Damn Beautiful
·   If Youre Going To Heaven

Burden Brothers Chords & Tabs

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Beautiful Night Tab ProPro [ 1 ] Tab Pro
  ·   Beautiful Night Tab [ 6 ] Tabs
  ·   Beautiful Night Guitar Pro Tab Guitar Pro
  ·   Beautiful Night (ver 2) Guitar Pro Tab Guitar Pro
  ·   Beautiful Night Power Tab Power Tab
  ·   Beautiful Night (ver 2) Power Tab Power Tab
  ·   Conditional Tab Tabs
  ·   Everybody Is Easy Tab Tabs
  ·   Goodnight From Chicago Tab Tabs
  ·   Goodnight From Chicago (ver 2) Tab Tabs
  ·   If Youre Going To Heaven Chords [ 3 ] Chords
  ·   If Youre Going To Heaven Tab Tabs
  ·   If Youre Going To Heaven Ukulele Chords Ukulele
  ·   In My Sky Tab Tabs
  ·   Liberated Tab Tabs
  ·   Life Between Solo Tab Tabs
  ·   Mercy Tab Tabs
  ·   On My Own Tab Tabs
  ·   On My Own (ver 2) Tab Tabs
  ·   Rise And Fall Of Dirty Sanchez Tab Tabs
  ·   Shadow Bass Tab Bass Tabs
  ·   Shes Not Home Chords Chords
  ·   Shes Not Home Ukulele Chords Ukulele
  ·   Shine Tab Tabs
  ·   Shine (ver 2) Tab Tabs
  ·   Still Intro Tab Tabs
  ·   Still (ver 2) Intro Tab Tabs
  ·   Youre So God Damn Beautiful Tab Tabs