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Carpathian Forest: Defending The Throne Of Evil : Unfortunately, most of Defending the Throne of Evil just falls in with the rest of the symphonic black metal pack. [REVIEW]
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Carpathian Forest Tabs [ tabs ]

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  ·   Ancient Spirit Of The Underworld Tab
  ·   Bloodlust And Perversion Intro Tab
  ·   Bloodlust And Perversion (ver 2) Intro Tab
  ·   Carpathian Forest Solo [ 3 ] Tab
  ·   Carpathian Forest Tab
  ·   Death Triumphant Tab
  ·   Hes Turning Blue Tab
  ·   Lunar Nights Tab
  ·   Martyr Sacrificulum Tab
  ·   The Angel And The Sodomizer Tab
  ·   The Eclipse The Raven Tab
  ·   The Pale Mist Hovers Towards The Nightly Shores Tab
  ·   The Suicide Song Tab