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Children Collide: Monument : "Monument" is incomparable to the other albums by Children Collide. It is just different. It doesn't get boring, each song is different, it flows really well and it finishes at the right time. It's a solid album. [REVIEW]
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Children Collide Tabs [ bass ]

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  ·   Across The Earth Bass Tabs
  ·   Asleep On My Feet Bass Tabs
  ·   Brave Robot Bass Tabs
  ·   Chosen Armies Bass Tabs
  ·   Farewell Rocketship Bass Tabs
  ·   Farewell Rocketship (ver 2) Bass Tabs
  ·   Farewell Rocketship (ver 3) Bass Tabs
  ·   Frozen Armies Bass Tabs
  ·   My Eagle Bass Tabs
  ·   Seasons Changing Bass Tabs
  ·   Skeleton Dance Bass Tabs
  ·   Social Currency [ 6 ] Bass Tabs
  ·   Social Currency (ver 2) [ 4 ] Bass Tabs
  ·   Stranger Love Bass Tabs