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Chris Ross: Halfway To Wonderland : Hancock County's own, Chris Ross impresses again with his second studio album "Halfway To Wonderland". Recorded in March, in Nashville, there is far more of a country sound to this album. [REVIEW]
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·   Mostly Sober
·   Stay A Little Longer
·   All The Way Down

Chris Ross Chords & Tabs

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  ·   All The Way Down Chords
  ·   All The Way Down Ukulele
  ·   Burns Tab
  ·   Drunk Women [ 4 ] Chords
  ·   Easier Said Than Done Tab
  ·   Fallin Apart Tab
  ·   Gone And On Chords
  ·   I Lied Tab
  ·   Jack And Jill Chords
  ·   Jack And Jill Ukulele
  ·   Just Like The Ocean Tab
  ·   Little Less Bitter Chords
  ·   Little Less Bitter Ukulele
  ·   Maybe Its Me Tab
  ·   Might Be Chords
  ·   Might Be Ukulele
  ·   Mostly Sober Chords
  ·   Mostly Sober (ver 2) Chords
  ·   Mostly Sober Ukulele
  ·   My Time Tab
  ·   New Years Chords
  ·   New Years Ukulele
  ·   No More Tab
  ·   She Never Stays Gone Chords
  ·   Singin To Find You Tab
  ·   Stay A Little Longer Chords
  ·   Stay A Little Longer Ukulele
  ·   The Right Thing Tab
  ·   You Can Have Mine Chords
  ·   You Oughta Be Chords
  ·   You Oughta Be Ukulele
  ·   Your America Chords
  ·   Your America Ukulele