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  ·   Episode Of The Falling Star Tab Pro
  ·   Episode Of The Falling Star Guitar Pro
  ·   Hallowed Whores Tab Pro
  ·   Hallowed Whores Guitar Pro
  ·   Indoctrination Procedure Tab Pro
  ·   Indoctrination Procedure Guitar Pro
  ·   Lunatic Gate Tab Pro
  ·   Lunatic Gate Guitar Pro
  ·   Matrix Of Piety Tab Pro
  ·   Matrix Of Piety Guitar Pro
  ·   Precipice Gaped Tab Pro
  ·   Precipice Gaped Guitar Pro
  ·   Sacrosanct Strength Tab Pro
  ·   Sacrosanct Strength Guitar Pro
  ·   Satanic Syndrome 666 Tab Pro
  ·   Satanic Syndrome 666 Guitar Pro
  ·   Waterfalls Of Darkness Tab Pro
  ·   Waterfalls Of Darkness Guitar Pro