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Davenport Cabinet's Travis Stever: New UG Exclusive Video Was Shaped By Fans : Stever chatted with UG writer Amy Kelly about the new music video, his future Davenport Cabinet plans, and the upcoming release from Coheed & Cambria. [NEWS]
Davenport Cabinet: Nostalgia In Stereo : Coheed and Cambria founding guitarist Travis Stever flexes his creative muscles in a side project that proves there's an old soul lurking within his young body. [REVIEW]
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  ·   Demon Fire Chords [ info + Difficulty: novice ] Chords
  ·   Demon Fire Tab [ info + Difficulty: intermediate ] Tabs
  ·   Demon Fire Ukulele Chords [ info + Difficulty: novice ] Ukulele
  ·   Nostalgia In Stereo Acoustic Tab Tabs
  ·   Simple Worlds Tab [ info + Difficulty: intermediate ] Tabs