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Demented Are Go Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Chase Bass
  ·   Daddys Making Monsters Bass
  ·   Dont Go In The Woods Bass
  ·   Funnel Of Love Tab
  ·   I Wanna Kill Tab
  ·   Mongloid Bass
  ·   One Sharp Knife Bass
  ·   Pvc Chair Tab
  ·   Queen Of Disease Intro Tab
  ·   Queen Of Disease Tab
  ·   Rubber Buccaneer Intro Tab
  ·   Rubber Love Tab
  ·   Satans Rejects Tab
  ·   Shadow Crypt Bass
  ·   Someones Out To Get Me Tab
  ·   Surf Ride To Oblivion
Tracks: overdriven guitar, slap bass 1
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  ·   Surf Ride To Oblivion Power
  ·   Surf Ride To Oblivion Bass
  ·   Where You Gonna Go Tab
  ·   Who Put Grandma Under The Stairs Bass
  ·   Zombie Stalk Intro Tab