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Depeche Mode Release Music Video 'Where's the Revolution' : ... and ask their fans to take care of their Facebook page. [NEWS]
Depeche Mode: Delta Machine : Pulsating electric percussion work and soaring lead vocals are in surplus throughout "Delta Machine", which should appeal to longtime and casual fans of the band. [REVIEW]
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·   Enjoy The Silence
·   Personal Jesus
·   Somebody

Depeche Mode Tabs [ power ]

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  ·   Black Celebration
Tracks: overdriven guitar (x2), agogo, tinkle bell, lead 1 (square)
Tab Pro
  ·   Black Celebration Power Tab
  ·   Dream On
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel) (x2), overdriven guitar, lead 8 (bass + lead)
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  ·   Dream On Power Tab
  ·   Dreaming Of Me
Tracks: whistle, lead 8 (bass + lead), pad 5 (bowed), lead 1 (square), synth brass 2, synth bass 1, synth bass 2
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  ·   Dreaming Of Me Power Tab
  ·   Enjoy The Silence
Tracks: choir aahs, fx 7 (echoes), electric guitar (clean), string ensemble 1, lead 6 (voice), synth bass 2, synth brass 1
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  ·   Enjoy The Silence Power Tab
  ·   I Feel You
Tracks: electric guitar (clean), choir aahs, overdriven guitar
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  ·   I Feel You Power Tab
  ·   Personal Jesus
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel), electric guitar (clean) (x2)
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  ·   Personal Jesus Power Tab
  ·   Somebody
Tracks: acoustic guitar (nylon)
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  ·   Somebody Power Tab
  ·   Somebody (ver 2) Power Tab