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'World's Worst Band' Won't Quit : Design The Skyline have been hit by hate since they started out but vow it won't put them off. [NEWS]
Design the Skyline: Nevaeh : Overall I'd have to say this is a pretty good debut album, since it's there first album I wasn't expecting too much anyway, but they totally surprised me with how good they were. They have made a good impression on me. [REVIEW]
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·   Break Free From Your Life
·   Crystal Swords Kill The Hordes
·   Under The Blood Driven Moon

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  ·   Break Free From Your Life
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (finger), drums, lead 2 (sawtooth)
Tab Pro
  ·   Break Free From Your Life Tab
  ·   Break Free From Your Life Intro Guitar Pro
  ·   Break Free From Your Life Guitar Pro
  ·   Crystal Swords Kill The Hordes
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), acoustic guitar (steel), marimba, string ensemble 1, drums
[ 3 ] Tab Pro
  ·   Crystal Swords Kill The Hordes [ 3 ] Guitar Pro
  ·   Under The Blood Driven Moon Tab
  ·   Under The Blood Driven Moon Bass