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Dirty Looks Vocalist Dies : Henrik Ostergaard, lead singer for the band Dirty Looks, passed away yesterday. [NEWS]
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·   The Last Forever
·   Im Not Dead Yet
·   30 Seconds To Blow

Dirty Looks Chords & Tabs

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  ·   3 X 2 Tab Pro
  ·   3 X 2 Guitar Pro
  ·   30 Seconds To Blow Tab Pro
  ·   30 Seconds To Blow Guitar Pro
  ·   30 Seconds To Blow (ver 2) Guitar Pro
  ·   An Idiot Punk Make A Song Tab Pro
  ·   An Idiot Punk Make A Song Guitar Pro
  ·   Christmas Night Tab Pro
  ·   Christmas Night Guitar Pro
  ·   Demons Whisper Tab Pro
  ·   Demons Whisper Guitar Pro
  ·   Fresh Holiday Tab Pro
  ·   Fresh Holiday Guitar Pro
  ·   Im Not Dead Yet Tab Pro
  ·   Im Not Dead Yet Guitar Pro
  ·   Kids I Say No Tab Pro
  ·   Kids I Say No Guitar Pro
  ·   Letters From A Suicidal Tab Pro
  ·   Letters From A Suicidal Guitar Pro
  ·   Metal Symphony Tab Pro
  ·   Metal Symphony Guitar Pro
  ·   Mi Primera Cita-Parte 2 Tab Pro
  ·   Mi Primera Cita-Parte 2 Guitar Pro
  ·   Next Home Tab Pro
  ·   Next Home Guitar Pro
  ·   No Comply Tab Pro
  ·   No Comply Guitar Pro
  ·   Not Another Punk Song Tab Pro
  ·   Not Another Punk Song Guitar Pro
  ·   Old Memories Tab Pro
  ·   Old Memories Guitar Pro
  ·   Songs Of Eternity Tab Pro
  ·   Songs Of Eternity Guitar Pro
  ·   The Last Forever Tab Pro
  ·   The Last Forever Guitar Pro