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  ·   Dragon Catcher Tab Pro
  ·   Dragon Catcher Guitar Pro
  ·   Firebirth Tab Pro
  ·   Firebirth Guitar Pro
  ·   Forgive Me Tab Pro
  ·   Forgive Me Guitar Pro
  ·   Insanity Tab Pro
  ·   Insanity Guitar Pro
  ·   My Hope
Tracks: brass section, music box, fx 1 (rain), distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (pick), overdriven guitar, drums, string ensemble 1, pad 4 (choir)
Tab Pro
  ·   My Hope Guitar Pro
  ·   Our Simple Plan Tab Pro
  ·   Our Simple Plan Guitar Pro
  ·   Rain Of That Day
Tracks: distortion guitar (x6), electric bass (finger), drums
Tab Pro
  ·   Rain Of That Day Guitar Pro