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Every Little Thing: Eternity : Like most of their albums, this figures great instrumentation and harmony. What would surprise many is that every song has a guitar solo in it. [REVIEW]
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·   Fragile
·   Time Goes By
·   Shapes Of Love

Every Little Thing Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Ai No Kakera Chords
  ·   Ai No Kakera Ukulele
  ·   All Along
Tracks: fx 5 (brightness), acoustic guitar (nylon), electric bass (finger), string ensemble 1, synth strings 1, acoustic grand piano (x2), drums
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  ·   All Along Guitar Pro
  ·   Face The Change
Tracks: brass section, lead 5 (charang), koto, distortion guitar, electric bass (finger), drums
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  ·   Face The Change Guitar Pro
  ·   Face The Change (ver 2) Guitar Pro
  ·   Feel My Heart
Tracks: flute, synth bass 2 (x2), synth strings 1 (x2), pad 2 (warm), electric grand piano, pad 3 (polysynth), lead 2 (sawtooth) (x2), drums (x2), distortion guitar (x2), guitar harmonics, choir aahs
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  ·   Feel My Heart Guitar Pro
  ·   For The Moment
Tracks: lead 2 (sawtooth), acoustic bass, overdriven guitar, electric bass (finger), electric grand piano, string ensemble 1, sitar, drums
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  ·   For The Moment Guitar Pro
  ·   Fragile Chords
  ·   Fragile Ukulele
  ·   Fundamental Love
Tracks: overdriven guitar (x2), drawbar organ, lead 1 (square), electric bass (pick), drums
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  ·   Fundamental Love Guitar Pro
  ·   Future World
Tracks: electric bass (pick), synth bass 2, synth strings 1, overdriven guitar, distortion guitar, guitar harmonics, lead 2 (sawtooth) (x2), fx 5 (brightness), lead 8 (bass + lead) (x2), orchestral harp, vibraphone (x2), drums (x2)
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  ·   Future World Guitar Pro
  ·   Grip
Tracks: flute, distortion guitar, electric guitar (clean), synth bass 2, drums, lead 8 (bass + lead), synth brass 1, fx 3 (crystal), synth strings 1, electric grand piano
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  ·   Grip Guitar Pro
  ·   Kirameki Hour
Tracks: overdriven guitar, acoustic guitar (steel), string ensemble 1, glockenspiel, electric bass (pick), drums
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  ·   Kirameki Hour Guitar Pro
  ·   Nostalgia Chords
  ·   Nostalgia Ukulele
  ·   Sakurabito Chords
  ·   Shapes Of Love
Tracks: clarinet, distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (finger), drums, tremolo strings, brass section
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  ·   Shapes Of Love Guitar Pro
  ·   Swimmy
Tracks: flute (x3), distortion guitar, acoustic guitar (steel), acoustic grand piano, electric bass (pick), drums
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  ·   Swimmy Guitar Pro
  ·   Time Goes By
Tracks: piccolo, synth voice (x2), bright acoustic piano, fx 3 (crystal), string ensemble 1 (x2), synth bass 1, clavinet, acoustic guitar (steel), electric guitar (clean), drums, synth strings 1, distortion guitar (x3), telephone ring
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  ·   Time Goes By Guitar Pro