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Complete Guide to GG Allin 'Bite It, You Scum' : Everything you need to know about the story behind the song, amp and pedal settings as well as used guitar techniques. [NEWS]
GG Allin: Brutality And Bloodshed For All : GG Allin's last album before he died. His backing band on this album are The Murder Junkies, possibly his best. Recommended to any GG Allin, punk or hard rock fan. [REVIEW]
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·   Bite It You Scum
·   Dont Talk To Me

GG Allin Tabs [ bass ]

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  ·   Murder Junkies (album) Bass
 GG Allin Tabs: Rating: Type:
  ·   99 Stab Wounds Bass
  ·   Antisocial Masturbator Bass
  ·   Automatic Bass
  ·   Be My Fuckin Whore Bass
  ·   Bite It You Scum [ 5 ] Bass
  ·   Bite It You Scum (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Blood For You Bass
  ·   Bored To Death Bass
  ·   Caroline And Sue Bass
  ·   Cock On The Loose Bass
  ·   Commit Suicide Bass
  ·   Cunt Sucking Cannibal Bass
  ·   Dead Or Alive Bass
  ·   Die When You Die [ 6 ] Bass
  ·   Dont Talk To Me [ 4 ] Bass
  ·   Dope Money Bass
  ·   Drink Fight And Fuck Bass
  ·   Expose Yourself To Kids Bass
  ·   Fuck Authority Bass
  ·   Fuck Women Ive Never Had Bass
  ·   Gimme Some Head Bass
  ·   God Of Fire In Hell Bass
  ·   Highest Power Bass
  ·   I Hate People Bass
  ·   I Kill Everything I Fuck Bass
  ·   I Kill Everything I Fuck (ver 2) Bass
  ·   I Love Nothing Bass
  ·   I Wanna Fuck Myself Bass
  ·   I Wanna Rape You Bass
  ·   Kill The Police Bass
  ·   Kill Thy Father Rape Thy Mother Bass
  ·   Look Into My Eyes And Hate Me Bass
  ·   Murder For The Mission Bass
  ·   My Prison Walls Bass
  ·   No Rules Bass
  ·   Outlaw Scumfuc Bass
  ·   Rape Torture Terminate And Fuck Bass
  ·   Raw Brutal Rough And Bloody Bass
  ·   Shove That Warant Up Your Ass Bass
  ·   Sister Sodomy Bass
  ·   Violence Now Bass
  ·   War In My Head - Im Your Enemy Bass
  ·   You Hate Me And I Hate You Bass
  ·   You Hate Me And I Hate You (ver 2) Bass