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Godflesh Begin To Work On First Album Over 10 Years : Justin Broadrick of reformed industrial metal pioneers Godflesh has confirmed that the band has begun working on material for a new studio album. [NEWS]
Godflesh: Us And Them : Godflesh are a band that is put out of context of music, even bands of industrial metal are incomparable with them, and "Us and Them" doesn't be the exception, it is an innovative album that combines hip-hop, electronic and other elements to the industrial metal that never have been listened before. [REVIEW]
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·   Christbait Rising
·   Crush My Soul
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Godflesh Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Avalanche Master Song Tab Pro
  ·   Avalanche Master Song Guitar Pro
  ·   Christbait Rising Tab Pro
  ·   Christbait Rising Tab
  ·   Christbait Rising Guitar Pro
  ·   Cold World Tab Pro
  ·   Cold World Guitar Pro
  ·   Crush My Soul Tab
  ·   For Those About To Rock Tab
  ·   Frail Tab
  ·   Like Rats Tab
  ·   Nail Bass
  ·   Obeyed Tab Pro
  ·   Obeyed Guitar Pro
  ·   Slavestate Tab Pro
  ·   Slavestate Tab
  ·   Slavestate Guitar Pro
  ·   Spite Tab Pro
  ·   Spite Guitar Pro
  ·   Voidhead Tab
  ·   White Flag Tab
  ·   Xnoybis Tab