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Gorod Streaming New Song 'Being a Jerk' : It's from the band's new EP, "Kiss The Freak." [NEWS]
Gorod: A Maze Of Recycled Creeds : Continuing their blend of jazzy, melodic tech death metal, Gorod give us a slightly more serious follow-up to "A Perfect Absolution." [REVIEW]
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·   Disavow Your God
·   Programmers Of Decline
·   Birds Of Sulphur

Gorod Tabs [ tabs ]

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  ·   Beware Of Tramps Tab
  ·   Celestial Nature [ 4 ] Tab
  ·   Earth Plus Tab
  ·   Gutting Job Solo Tab
  ·   Gutting Job Tab
  ·   Harmony In Torture Tab
  ·   Hunt To The Weaks Tab
  ·   Neuronal Disorder State Tab
  ·   Pigs Bloated Face Tab
  ·   Rusted Nails Attack Tab
  ·   Smoked Skulls Tab