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Erik Rutan Of Hate Eternal: 'My Whole Life Became About This Record' : Bassist Jared Anderson, who passed away in 2006, was still the primary inspiration for Erik Rutan on "Fury & Flames" album. [NEWS]
Hate Eternal: Infernus : A very solid death metal album that can please fans of the genre, "Infernus" delivers the riffs but lacks the finesse for a casual listen. [REVIEW]
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Hate Eternal Tabs [ guitar ]

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  ·   Behold Judas Tabs
  ·   Behold Judas (ver 2) Tabs
  ·   Beyond Redemption Tabs
  ·   Born By Fire Tabs
  ·   Bringer Of Storms Solo Tabs
  ·   Bringer Of Storms Intro Tabs
  ·   By His Own Decree Tabs
  ·   Catacombs Tabs
  ·   Chants In Declaration Tabs
  ·   Darkness By Oath Tabs
  ·   Dethroned Tabs
  ·   Dogma Condemned Tabs
  ·   Dogma Condemned (ver 2) Tabs
  ·   Faceless One Tabs
  ·   Fury Within Intro Tabs
  ·   Haunting Abound Tabs
  ·   Hell Envenom Intro Tabs
  ·   Hell Envenom Tabs
  ·   I Monarch Tabs
  ·   I Monarch (ver 2) Tabs
  ·   Imonarch Tabs
  ·   In Spirit The Power Of Mana Intro Tabs
  ·   In Spirit The Power Of Mana Tabs
  ·   It Is Our Will Tabs
  ·   King Of All Kings Intro Tabs
  ·   King Of All Kings Tabs
  ·   King Of All Kings (ver 2) Tabs
  ·   King Of All Kings (ver 3) Tabs
  ·   Lake Ablaze Tabs
  ·   Nailed To Obscurity Tabs
  ·   Nailed To Obscurity (ver 2) Tabs
  ·   Para Bellum Tabs
  ·   Path To The Eternal Gods Tabs
  ·   Path To The Eternal Gods (ver 2) Tabs
  ·   Powers That Be Tabs
  ·   Praise Of The Almighty Tabs
  ·   Rebirth Tabs
  ·   Rising Legions Of Black Intro Tabs
  ·   Rising Legions Of Black Tabs
  ·   Sacrilege Of Hate Tabs
  ·   Saturated In Dejection Tabs
  ·   Servants Of The Gods Tabs
  ·   Sons Of Darkness Tabs
  ·   Spiritual Holocaust Tabs
  ·   The Art Of Redemption Intro Tabs
  ·   The Creed Of Chaotic Divinity Tabs
  ·   The Eternal Ruler Tabs
  ·   The Fire Of Resurrection Tabs
  ·   The Fire Of Resurrection (ver 2) Tabs
  ·   The Obscure Terror Intro Tabs
  ·   The Obscure Terror Tabs
  ·   The Plague Of Humanity Tabs
  ·   The Victorious Reign Tabs
  ·   Thorns Of Acacia Tabs
  ·   Thorns Of Acacia (ver 2) Tabs
  ·   Thus Salvation Tabs
  ·   To Know Our Enemies Tabs
  ·   Tombeau Le Tombeau De La Fureur Et Des Flammes Solo [ 3 ] Tabs
  ·   Two Demons Live Tabs
  ·   Two Demons Solo Tabs
  ·   Two Demons Tabs
  ·   Whom Gods May Destroy Tabs