Top 10 new albums:
I Know That I Wasnt Right Album Chords
by Allen Stone

Happyland Album Chords
by Amanda Jenssen

Memulai Kembali Album Chords
by Monita Tahalea

Monsters Of The Universe Come Out And Plague Album Tab
by Wednesday 13

You Were Here Album Chords
by Sarah Harmer

Dur Comme Fer Album Chords
by Francis Cabrel

Hymns For The Haunted Album Chords
by Amanda Jenssen

What About Me Album Chords
by Quicksilver Messenger Service

Nowhere To Go Album Chords
by Ron Sexsmith

Sånger Från ön Album Chords
by Amanda Jenssen

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Update : sep 30, 2016
Kingdom Of Giants Lions Mouth Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Sabrina Carpenter Run And Hide Chords Chords 0
Titus Andronicus I Lost My Mind Chords Chords 3
Woodlore Patina Tab Tab 6
Jesse Aaron Passion Ukulele Ukulele 0
Aidan Knight Friendly Fires Chords Chords 0
Robert Murray McCheyne When This Passing World Is Done Chords Chords 0
mr. Gnome Plastic Shadow Tab Tab 0
Rayland Baxter Hoot Owl Chords Chords 3
Les Misérables Do You Hear The People Sing In C French Lyrics Chords Chords 0
Rival Summers Love Is Worth The Wait Chords Chords 0
Connie Francis Your Other Love Chords Chords 6
Steve Earle Good Ol Boy Chords Chords 0
Hiatus Kaiyote Breathing Underwater Tab Tab 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Scandal Solo Tab Tab 3
Cozi Zuehlsdorff Brave Souls Ukulele Ukulele 0
Connie Francis If My Pillow Could Talk Chords Chords 0
Tygers of Pan Tang Straight As A Die Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Mae Valley Brightside Chords Chords 3
Clara Benin Wine Chords Chords 3
Cameron Avery Cest Toi Chords Chords 6
Radiohead Ill Wind Acoustic Tab Tab 3
Buckethead 4 Lands Intro Tab Tab 0
Martha Goldmans Detective Agency Chords Chords 0
Fall Out Boy My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Demo Chords Chords 3
The Growlers The Daisy Chain Chords Chords 3
Tow'rs Whiskey And Wine Chords Chords 0
Fresia If I Were A Bird Chords Chords 0
Connie Francis Plenty Good Lovin Chords Chords 0
Jason Helms Band First Class White Trash Chords Chords 0
Bayside Not Fair Chords Chords 3
Steve Earle You Know The Rest Chords Chords 0
Steve Earle Sometimes She Forgets Chords Chords 0
Steve Earle Go Amanda Chords Chords 0
Dog Party Sapphires Tab Tab 0
Steve Earle High Fashion Queen Chords Chords 0
Dog Party G Diddly Tab Tab 0
Dog Party Space Invader Tab Tab 0
Dog Party Girlfriend Tab Tab 0
Die Doofen Ich Bau Dir Ein Haus Aus Schweinskopfsülze Chords Chords 0
Caitlyn Shadbolt Right Kind Of Wrong Chords Chords 0
Rival Summers All Yours Chords Chords 3
Misc Unsigned Bands The Secret Key - I Want You Close Chords Chords 0
Alan Hull Mr Inbetween Ukulele Ukulele 3
Caitlyn Shadbolt Pushing Through Chords Chords 3
Caitlyn Shadbolt Shoot Out The Lights Chords Chords 9
Rival Summers Goodbye Toby Chords Chords 0
Linda Eder I Don Quixote Chords Chords 0
Headstones Binthiswayforyears Bass Tab Bass 0
Dog Party Dead Guy Tab Tab 0
Dog Party Peanut Butter Dream Tab Tab 0
Dog Party Be My Friend Tab Tab 0
Dog Party Song 362 Tab Tab 0
Dog Party Lipstick Lips Tab Tab 0
Dog Party Forget Tab Tab 0
Dog Party Creepin Tab Tab 0
Dog Party I Cant Believe That Youre Real Tab Tab 0
Dog Party Operation 2 Tab Tab 0
The Chainsmokers All We Know Chords Chords 243
Steve Earle I Still Carry You Around Chords Chords 0
Update : sep 29, 2016
Lions Head See You Chords Chords 0
Brad Paisley The Pants Chords Chords 0
An Amiable Medley And I Chords Chords 3
OneRepublic A I Chords Chords 3
Pete Doherty I Dont Love Anyone But Youre Not Just Anyone Chords Chords 15
Steve Earle Steves Last Ramble Chords Chords 0
Steve Earle The Gringos Tale Chords Chords 0
Wrinkle Neck Mules Release The Reins Chords Chords 3
Édith Piaf Laccordeoniste Chords Chords 0
Val Doonican What Would I Be Chords Chords 0
Niall Horan This Town Chords Chords 1686
Matsuda Seiko マイアミ午前5時 Bass Tab Bass 3
Yukiko Okada Sweet Planet Bass Tab Bass 0
Alan Hull Bad Side Of Town Ukulele Ukulele 6
Dnce Body Moves Chords Chords 6
Alan Hull Waiting Ukulele Ukulele 9
Jason Mraz Living High Chords Chords 0
Supernatural Carry On My Wayward Son Musical Chords Chords 3
In Flames The End Guitar Pro Tab Pro 21
Markus Krunegård Den Som Dör Får Semarkus Kyrkogård Live Tab Tab 6
Awitsayaw Magpakailanman Chords Chords 3
Levi Lowrey Roselee And Odes Chords Chords 3
Janove Ottesen Marlene Chords Chords 6
Blah Blah Blah Soon As I Get Home Tonight Chords Chords 0
Israel Houghton Thank You Lord Chords Chords 9
Whats Eating Gilbert Wearing Your Ring Acoustic Chords Chords 0
I Am Heresy Jesus Doesnt Work Here Anymore Chords Chords 0
Daniel Spaleniak Why Chords Chords 6
Every Time I Die Petal Tab Tab 45
UB40 Securing The Peace Chords Chords 6
The Moth & The Flame Young Unafraid Chords Chords 0
Rival Summers Good Luck With That Chords Chords 6
Mica Caldito Criminal Chords Chords 6
Momina Mustehsan Tera Woh Pyar Nawazishein Karam Chords Chords 72
Rick Astley It Would Take A Strong Strong Man Tab Tab 6
WWE Shinsuke Nakamura - The Rising Sun Bass Tab Bass 15
SoItWouldBe? Secrets Tab Tab 3
Ken Andrews The Only Thing I Know Chords Chords 0
Joe Bonamassa Distant Lonesome Train Chords Chords 9
Israel Salazar Quão Grande é Teu Amor Chords Chords 0
Noize MC деньги Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Noize MC друг подруги тёлки брата Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Noize MC миша козырев Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Noize MC на работе платят бабло Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC накосячу Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC наше движение Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC жирная корова Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Noize MC заговор Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Noize MC кури бамбук Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC лысый мужик в наколках Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Noize MC мизантроп-рэп Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Noize MC ниже нуля Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC обратный отсчет Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC похуисты Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC пустые места Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Lilly Breems Time Chords Chords 0
Noize MC свободная тема Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC тонкий лед Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Noize MC тыщатыщ Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Something From Sahrini Bertahan Chords Chords 3
Noize MC фиолетовый фингал Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Noize MC я глуп Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC честное слово Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Hattorycan Pemberi Harapan Palsu Chords Chords 0
Donovan Woods What They Mean Chords Chords 3
Noize MC школотой Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Noize MC шлаквашаклассика Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Noize MC эгоизм Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Dave Matthews Band Bismarck Tab Tab 6
Pixies Head Carrier Tab Tab 12
Эпидемия последний рассвет Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Connie Talbot Sailing Safe Chords Chords 15
Tony Joe White Who You Ganna Hoodoo Now Chords Chords 6
Elio e le Storie Tese Il Primo Giorno Di Scuola Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
Doom:VS Oceans Of Despair Guitar Pro Tab Pro 18
Justice Canon Guitar Pro Tab Pro 9
Jolly Harbor Lover Boy Chords Chords 0
Misc Traditional Der Mai Ist Gekommen Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Misc Traditional Das Wandern Ist Des Müllers Lust Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Huey Lewis & The News The Heart Of Rock Roll Guitar Pro Tab Pro 3
Levi Lowrey Freight Hopper Chords Chords 0
Yellowcard Im A Wrecking Ball Chords Chords 3
Val Doonican The Special Years Chords Chords 0
Joe Pesci Yo Cousin Vinny Chords Chords 3
Hans Zimmer Homeland Tab Tab 9
Rival Summers Katelyn Tab Tab 6
Val Doonican Walk Tall Chords Chords 3
Glass Towers In This City Bass Tab Bass 3
Caspian Dust And Disquiet Bass Tab Bass 0
Natalino Otto In Cerca Di Te Perduto Amore Chords Chords 3
Rahmat Di Sini Kasihku Abadi Chords Chords 3
Youthful Praise Lord Youre Mighty Chords Chords 3
Franz Ferdinand and Sparks Little Guy From The Suburbs Chords Chords 0
Isobel Anderson Waiting For You Chords Chords 12
Hillsong Worship Thank You Jesus Chords Chords 0
Hasnol Laguku Untukmu Chords Chords 0
Until The Ribbon Breaks Romeo Chords Chords 6
Until The Ribbon Breaks Taste Of Silver Ukulele Ukulele 0
Celebration Worship Behold The Lamb Chords Chords 0
OLSSON Hold On Chords Chords 3
Heron Valley Home Chords Chords 0
Glass Animals Pork Soda Chords Chords 12
Vesa-Matti Loiri Sylvian Joululaulu Chords Chords 9
Rival Summers Two Weeks Into Summer Chords Chords 6
Rival Summers Fifteen Minutes Chords Chords 12
Huey Lewis & The News Time Aint Money Chords Chords 3
Yellowcard Leave A Light On Chords Chords 18
Patty Page Tennessee Waltz Acoustic Chords Chords 6
Artists of Then, Now & Forever Forever Country Chords Chords 69
A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade Terminei Indo Ukulele Ukulele 3
Sum 41 God Save Us All Death To Pop Chords Chords 129
Ioan Gyuri Pascu Visând Iubire Chords Chords 0
Josh Gracin The Long One Chords Chords 0
The Lovin' Spoonful There She Is Chords Chords 6
Sumo Cyco Anti-anthem Chords Chords 6
Tasha Cobbs Take Me To The King Chords Chords 9
The Felice Brothers Dancing On The Wing Chords Chords 3
Gary Valenciano Wag Ka Nang Umiyak Chords Chords 36
Bayside A Rite Of Passage Chords Chords 0
Buck Owens Kickin Our Hearts Around Chords Chords 0
JANK Wut I Liek Abt U Tab Tab 6
Wrinkle Neck Mules Heavens High Chords Chords 0
Dog Party What Do I Want Tab Tab 3
Dog Party Caffeine Tab Tab 3
Dog Party O Brave New World Tab Tab 3
Dog Party Enough Tab Tab 3
Steve Earle Elijahs Church Chords Chords 3
Steve Earle Texas Eagle Chords Chords 0
Steve Earle Dead Flowers Chords Chords 0
Mumford and Sons Onlylove Chords Chords 6
Steve Earle Crying Waiting Hoping Chords Chords 6
Sixpence None the Richer Ive Been Waiting Chords Chords 3
The Walker Brothers The Seventh Dawn Chords Chords 0
Engelbert Humperdinck A Man And A Woman Chords Chords 6
Handsome and Gretyl Come Away Chords Chords 0
Leevi and the Leavings Taas Kun Joululta Näyttää Chords Chords 48
Alan Hull Golden Oldies Ukulele Ukulele 9
Dødheimsgard When Heavens End Guitar Pro Tab Pro 6
ASG Hawkeye Guitar Pro Tab Pro 0
Alan Hull One More Bottle Of Wine Ukulele Ukulele 3
Update : sep 28, 2016
Alan Hull Picture A Little Girl Ukulele Ukulele 3
James TW Sanctuary Chords Chords 9
Sovereign Grace Music Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing Chords Chords 3
Alan Hull Dan The Plan Ukulele Ukulele 3
Wild Nothing Disappear Always Tab Tab 33
Motoharu Sano Night Life Bass Tab Bass 9
Paul nicholas Just Good Friends Chords Chords 0
Ella Fitzgerald I Got It Bad And That Aint Good Chords Chords 3
Posies Start A Life Chords Chords 0
Alan Hull One Off Pat Ukulele Ukulele 9
Alan Hull I Hate To See You Cry Ukulele Ukulele 0
Seafret Beauty On The Breeze Chords Chords 24
Green Day Too Dumb To Die Chords Chords 99
Green Day Ordinary Love Chords Chords 27
Jerry Butler Been A Long Time Bass Tab Bass 3
Misc Cartoons Gravity Falls - Weirdmageddon Tab Tab 6
Andrew Beach Jesus Be My Everything Ukulele Ukulele 3
Jesse Harris Rocking Chairs Chords Chords 0
Thousand Foot Krutch Push Intro Tab Tab 9
Colter Wall Sleeping On The Blacktop Acoustic Tab Tab 45
Dave Matthews Band Samurai Cop Tab Tab 9
Misc Computer Games Undertale - Shop Tab Tab 6
Sopico Ciel Bleu Tab Tab 3
Shae Cantik Chords Chords 3
Every Time I Die Fear And Trembling Tab Tab 84
Josh Ritter Homecoming Chords Chords 12
Cruel Youth Hatefuck Chords Chords 12
Alex G Tv Tab Tab 6
Michele Zarrillo Una Rosa Blu Chords Chords 6
Liedfett Lassmichma Chords Chords 9
Foals Milk And Black Spiders Ver 2 Tab Tab 12
513 Free Beautiful Mystery Chords Chords 3
Liedfett Gib Mir Deinen Finger Chords Chords 12
Hernan Gonzalez Vida Mía Tab Tab 0
Shiha Zikir Seperti Novel Cinta Chords Chords 3
周信哲 爱情教会我们的事 Chords Chords 3
Diva Faune The Age Of Man Chords Chords 0
The Budos Band Unbroken Unshaven Intro Tab Tab 0
Jeremy Zucker Idk Love Chords Chords 3
Don't Sigh Daisy Fear Chords Chords 0
Brian Doerksen No Other Gods Acoustic Chords Chords 3
Against Me! Delicate Petite Other Things Ill Never Be Chords Chords 27
Irma It Aint Easy Chords Chords 0
No Parents No Parents Chords Chords 0
The Whitlams You Gotta Love This City Ukulele Ukulele 0
The Grand Island Lake Romance Chords Chords 3
Fair Terlanjur Menyintaimu Chords Chords 0
Niila Love The Way You Lie Part 2 Chords Chords 3
Fotograf Ke Pintu Kasihmu Chords Chords 0
Riccardo Cocciante Parlami Di Firenze Chords Chords 3
Insomnium Death Walked The Earth Guitar Pro Tab Pro 27
Message For Honey Miracle Chords Chords 3
Hattorycan Untuk Selamanya Chords Chords 0
Sweet My Dream Bertahan Disini Untukmu Chords Chords 0
Pasukan Sakit Hati Kepergian Yang Indah Chords Chords 0
Lenay Daylight Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Louie Heredia Cant Find No Reason Chords Chords 12
Dara Maclean Set My People Free Chords Chords 6
Tony Congi Its Amazing Chords Chords 0
Kyla La Grange Skin Chords Chords 0
Ekamatra Hanya Satu Persinggahan Chords Chords 0
Iron Eyes Cody The Bayou Chords Chords 3
Lemon Brando Embrace Life Chords Chords 6
Rahmat Hanya Segenggam Setia Chords Chords 6
Killola By 2 Am Chords Chords 3
Alina Devecerski Flytta På Dej Acoustic Chords Chords 3
Johan Verminnen Laat Me Nu Toch Niet Alleen Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Ted Hawkins Sorry Youre Sick Chords Chords 6
SoItWouldBe? The Fear Of Dying Alone Tab Tab 9
Vodka Juniors I Wonder Chords Chords 3
Groovie Ghoulies When The Kids Go Go Go Crazy Chords Chords 0
Ilayaraja Edhedho Ennam Valarthen Chords Chords 18
Blue Sky Riders Dream Chords Chords 0
Impact Life Worship Holy Spirit Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Ginny Oshay Chords Chords 0
Matt Holubowski The King Chords Chords 9
Angel Olsen Never Be Mine Chords Chords 69
Cardiff Brothers Ive Been Thinkin Chords Chords 3
Misc Unsigned Bands Holland Davis - More Of You Chords Chords 0
John Wing I Hope You Die Chords Chords 0
Samuele Bersani Senza Titoli Chords Chords 6
Wende Last Resistance Chords Chords 3
Shovels & Rope Invisible Man Chords Chords 9
Andy & Rachel Graham Awake Chords Chords 3
Andy & Rachel Graham Spirit Pour Out Chords Chords 9
Aida Elaborate Lives Chords Chords 6
Berkley Hart Sink Or Swim Acoustic Chords Chords 6
Agnes Monica Rapuh Chords Chords 0
Shane Smith and the Saints What A Shame Chords Chords 9
Too Many Cooks Believe Me Sister Chords Chords 6
Micah Erenberg Morphine Chords Chords 0
The Lemon Twigs As Long As Were Together Chords Chords 15
Khai Bahar Bayang Chords Chords 3
Shane Insecure Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Aidan Doyle - The Monday Club Chords Chords 3
Claude King Woverton Mountain Acoustic Chords Chords 3
Carl Perkins Lend Me Your Comb Chords Chords 6
Wax Fang King Of Kingdom Of Man Chords Chords 3
Smash Mouth Perfect Planet Chords Chords 0