Top 10 new albums:
Plus Album Chords
by Ed Sheeran

After Laughter Album Chords
by Paramore

Memories Do Not Open Album Chords
by The Chainsmokers

Theme From To Kill A Dead Man Album Bass
by Portishead

Chameleon Album Chords
by Måns Zelmerlöw

Devil Ship Album Chords
by Among The Oak and Ash

Elina Born Album Chords
by Elina Born

Put Your Needle Down Album Chords
by The Secret Sisters

Thank You Very Much Album Chords
by Mean Mary

Unit Album Chords
by Regurgitator


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Update : may 23, 2017
Alienz Da Bholi Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
The Felice Brothers Jack At The Asylum Chords chords 0
Alkholocaust Prohibition Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Alkholocaust The Hideous Face Of Love Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Alkholocaust Eternal Punishment Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Alkholocaust Mechanical Warrior Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
David Byrne Finite Alright Chords chords 9
21 Savage Issa Chords chords 3
MY FIRST STORY Alone Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Bloodbound King Of Swords Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Paradox Pray To The Godz Of Wrath Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Buckethead The Pit Part 5 Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Alpha Hell Of Life Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Alpha Lost Family Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Jerry Reed The Preacher And The Bear Chords chords 3
Incubus Loneliest Bass bass 0
Fleetwood Mac Im Coming Home To Stay Chords chords 0
Elton John Sartorial Eloquence Bass bass 6
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Constant Fear Bass bass 3
Charlie Louvin I Gave My Love A Cherry Bass bass 0
Marek Grechuta Chodźmy Bass bass 3
Brian Wilson Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight Bass bass 6
Acid Ghost All Alone Bass bass 3
Fleetwood Mac Shake Your Moneymaker Chords chords 9
Sloan Who You Talkin To Chords chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands The London Boys - Requiem Bass bass 0
Cher Dark Lady Chords chords 0
Jesse Harris Dont Know Why Chords chords 3
The Growlers Strangers Road Chords chords 0
Ocean Park Standoff Good News Chords chords 0
mansionz Gorgeous Chords chords 3
Johnny Rebel Alabama Nigger Chords chords 3
Graeme Allwright De Passage Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
No Frills Twins Dying To Be Thin Chords chords 0
Jillian Jacqueline Reasons Chords chords 0
Alo-A Very Hot Song Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Ingrid Michaelson Miss America Chords chords 0
Omar Aloulou Rebelote Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Omar Aloulou Regular String Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Thy Art Is Murder Light Bearer Tab tab 0
Bay City Rollers Dont Let The Music Die Chords chords 0
Haysi Fantayzee Shiny Shiny Chords chords 0
Kurt Vile I Know I Got Religion Tab tab 3
Sarah Harmer It Will Sail Chords chords 0
Darby & Tarlton Down In Florida On A Hog Chords chords 3
The Rocketz East La Tab tab 3
SZA Shattered Ring Chords chords 0
Ourselves the Elves Uncertainly Ukulele ukulele 3
Dwarves Hate Rock Bass bass 3
HeWhoCanNotBeNamed Donna Tossica Bass bass 3
Mondo Generator Mental Hell Bass bass 0
Foja Dimme Ca è Overo Chords chords 3
Dwarves Who I Am Bass bass 3
Bert Jansch Downunder Tab tab 6
Elvis Presley Beyond The Reef Chords chords 0
Minutemen Mr Robots Holy Orders Bass bass 6
El Cuarteto de Nos El Innombrable Chords chords 0
El Cuarteto de Nos La Bestia Chords chords 0
Alo-A Psychoterapie Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Alo-A Stop Ca Suffit Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Alo-A Pourquoi Pas Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
H3H3 Productions Midget Matzah Chords chords 0
Current Swell It Aint Right Intro Tab tab 0
YU Grupa Dugo Znamo Se Chords chords 3
Ebe Dencel Dapit-hapon Chords chords 0
El Cuarteto de Nos El Rey Y El As Chords chords 0
El Cuarteto de Nos Invisible Chords chords 3
El Cuarteto de Nos Apocalipsis Zombi Chords chords 3
Harry Styles Every Since New York Chords chords 12
The Lovin' Spoonful Other Side Of This Life Chords chords 0
Grateful Dead And We Bid You Goodnight Chords chords 3
The Lovin' Spoonful Alley Oop Chords chords 3
Abel Fleury Para Abel Eduardo Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Celebration Guns Probably Worth It Tab tab 0
Chris Cornell Redemption Song Chords chords 6
Haugesund Popensemble Skyld På Meg Chords chords 0
Johnny Paycheck Rhythm Guitar Chords chords 0
Sovereign Grace Music Surrender All Chords chords 6
Jahn Teigen En Dags Pause Chords chords 6
Rend Collective Christ Has Set Me Free Chords chords 3
Amigo The Devil The Dreamer Chords chords 0
Fleet Foxes I Am All That I Need - Arroyo Seco - Thumbprint Scar Chords chords 0
Waylon Jennings Walk On Out Of My Mind Chords chords 0
Waylon Jennings Green River Chords chords 0
Dorfrocker Wunderschön Chords chords 0
Kali Uchis Melting Chords chords 6
Misc Praise Songs Jw Songs - 147 Solo Tab tab 0
Unknown World Työttömän Laulu Chords chords 0
Unknown World Nyt Kiitosvirsin Chords chords 3
Unknown World Oi Tunnetko Tuon Ihmeellisen Nimen Chords chords 3
Unknown World Aika Nuoruuden Chords chords 0
Castlefield Good Job Rover Chords chords 3
Waylon Jennings Stop The World And Let Me Off Chords chords 0
Waylon Jennings Thats The Chance Ill Have To Take Chords chords 0
Fleet Foxes Crack-up Chords chords 0
Tom Russell Veterans Day Live Chords chords 0
Heffron Drive Heights It Reminds Me Chords chords 0
John Legend Surefire Chords chords 42
Knitters Try Anymore Why Dont We Chords chords 0
CRX Broken Bones Chords chords 0
Handsome and Gretyl My Heart Is Set Chords chords 3
Rainald Grebe Der Rabe Chords chords 3
Rey Pila No Mans Land Chords chords 0
Good Morning Wednesday Chords chords 6
Split Enz Albert Of India Bass bass 6
James Last Adelita Bass bass 0
Brian Eno Swanky Bass bass 6
Brian Eno Little Slicer Bass bass 3
Ben Howard Games In The Dark Tab tab 12
Update : may 22, 2017
Misc Unsigned Bands Dehaan - A Stone Acoustic Chords chords 0
Lana Del Rey Cherry Chords chords 36
Sarah Harmer The Marble In Your Eye Chords chords 0
Mick Ronson Hazy Days Chords chords 0
Gente de Zona Traidora Live Chords chords 6
Mick Ronson Growing Up And Im Fine Chords chords 9
Captain Jack Drill Instructor Chords chords 3
Paul Thorn Mission Temple Fireworks Stand Chords chords 0
Ine Kafe Telefónne číslo Chords chords 0
Wade Jones I Cant Concentrate Chords chords 33
Roger Waters The Last Refugee Chords chords 15
Microdisney Rack Chords chords 0
Ernst Busch Partisanen Vom Amur Chords chords 3
Tired Lion Cinderella Dracula Chords chords 3
Vinyl Theatre Thank You For The Good Times Chords chords 9
Merle Haggard Uncle Lem Chords chords 3
Oceans Cold Aint For Me Chords chords 24
North Things I Do Chords chords 3
Lee Brice Boy Chords chords 51
Thought Industry Blue Bass bass 3
von Brücken Immerhin Für Die Trauer Chords chords 3
High Valley Young Forever Chords chords 0
We As Human Let Me Drown Chords chords 0
Miguel Araujo 1987 Chords chords 0
Тимур Муцураев милые зелёные глаза Chords chords 0
Blind Alfred Reed How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live Chords chords 6
Lotte Kestner Enjoy The Silence Chords chords 15
Maggie Szabo & Andrew Allen Each Other Chords chords 3
Vampire Weekend I Stand Corrected Chords chords 0
Akkirus Risen Tell The World For Me Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Akkirus Risen Keep Close A Wish You Cant Show To Anyone Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
Christy Moore Barrowland Chords chords 3
Sayuri Heikousen Chords chords 12
Sam Airey The Stars Chords chords 3
Mando Diao Watch Me Now Chords chords 9
Mel Brooks The Producers - Betrayed Chords chords 0
Albert Rosenfield On Duty Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
Misc Cartoons Darkwing Duck - Main Theme Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
MisterWives Only Human Chords chords 21
The Wldlfe Oversentimental Chords chords 9
Al-Berto & the Fried Bikinis Above The Fog Chords chords 3
One Hundred Hurricanes Snake Chords chords 0
SIG Meidän Koulu Palaa Chords chords 6
Anastasia Soundtrack Once Upon A December Lead Tab tab 0
RAYE The Line Chords chords 3
Alain Bashung Malédiction Guitar Pro guitar pro 18
Elton John Its Tough To Be A God Ukulele ukulele 6
LDS Hymns A Poor Wayfaring Man Of Grief Chords chords 6
Kaleo Up In The Sky Intro Tab tab 9
Condor Gruppe Birds Lament Bass bass 3
Kristin Asbjørnsen Now We Take This Feeble Body Chords chords 0
The Psychedelic Furs President Gas Chords chords 6
Jeffy Why Chords chords 6
Giorgio Poi Doppio Nodo Chords chords 3
Fleetwood Mac Hellhound On My Trail Chords chords 6
Fleetwood Mac My Heart Beat Like A Hammer Chords chords 3
Hurray for the Riff Raff Palante Chords chords 6
Fazerdaze Lucky Girl Chords chords 6
Lantlos Neon Guitar Pro guitar pro 15
cavetown Taking Care Of Things Acoustic Ukulele ukulele 27
Dodie Clark New York New York Ukulele ukulele 39
Palaye Royale Too Many People Ukulele ukulele 0
Honeywater Southern Wild Chords chords 0
Vince Staples Big Fish Chords chords 3
Purity Ring Stillness In Woe Ukulele ukulele 3
Projector Band Aisyah Chords chords 18
Rex Orange County Sunflower Chords chords 9
Soviet Soviet Remember Now Bass bass 3
Valentin Iskelmäprinssi Chords chords 3
Kari Tapio Peluri Chords chords 6
Dark Polo Gang Sportswear Solo Tab tab 18
Cash Cash Matches Chords chords 18
Cigarettes After Sex Run Towards Your Fears Chords chords 21
Spencer Durham Unity Sand Ceremony Song Chords chords 3
Kevin Ross Long Song Away Chords chords 6
Thurston Moore Turn On Tab tab 21
Calexico Gypsys Curse Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
The Sword High Country Guitar Pro guitar pro 15
Human Tetris Cold Wind Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
I Nemesi Somma Di Secondi Chords chords 0
Human Tetris Things I Dont Need Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
Local Natives I Saw You Close Your Eyes Intro Tab tab 18
Motorpsycho Starmelt Lovelight Tab tab 0
Zac Brown Band Trying To Drive Chords chords 18
Sharone And The Wind Im Sorry Tab tab 3
Misc Praise Songs Be Still Chords chords 6
Emperor X €30000 Chords chords 6
Angus and Julia Stone Santa Monica Dream Chords chords 9
Cisne Elocuente Frutal Bass bass 6
Beirut August Holland Chords chords 0
Madison Beer Dead Chords chords 246
Blackie Swart Liewe Lulu Chords chords 0
Bilderbuch Discokugel Chords chords 3
Fonseca Gratitud Acústica Intro Tab tab 0
cavetown Ghost Boys Ukulele ukulele 21
Rome Swords To Rust Hearts To Dust Chords chords 9
Benjamin Biolay Les Grands Ensembles Intro Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Vallanzaska Loris Ed Efrem Chords chords 3
Gerry Lane Long Way Home Chords chords 12
Blink-182 Bottom Of The Ocean Solo Tab tab 78
clairo Sis Acoustic Chords chords 6
Texas Fight The Feeling Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
Galenskaparna And After Shave Husvagn Chords chords 12
Green Carnation 9-29-045 Part 3 House Of Cards Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
AcousticBrony Generosity Chords chords 3
Haloo Helsinki! Ei Eerika Pääse Taivaaseen Chords chords 6
Макс Барских я хочу танцевать Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
СерьГа кусочек неба Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Сектор газовой атаки не даёт Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Rise Against House On Fire Guitar Pro guitar pro 33
Lany Good Girls Chords chords 36
Martin Carlberg Running South 1 Guitar Pro guitar pro 15
Pissed Jeans The Bar Is Low Tab tab 6
Misc Computer Games Fredrik Thordendal - Herr Faust Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Misc Computer Games Imouto Paradise - Ordinary Day Tab tab 0
Pyramid Song For Bobby Tab tab 3
Jim Croce Another Day Another Town Chords chords 9
For the Fallen Dreams Complicate The Situation Tab tab 0
Kevin MacLeod Ibn Al-noor Intro Tab tab 6
Conan Gray Idle Town Chords chords 21
H.E.A.T Were Gonna Make It To The End Solo Tab tab 3
Priory Lady Of Late Tab tab 0
Cody Catch The Straw Chords chords 3
Palisades Fall Tab tab 6
Kj Apa Ill Try Easy Acoustic Chords chords 0
Damian Marley Affairs Of The Heart Chords chords 9
Freak Out Si Te Vas Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Wages Rattlesnake Chords chords 3
Vienna Teng Flyweight Love Chords chords 3
Safe To Say Louver Tab tab 3
Cock Sparrer One By One Chords chords 9
Michael McDermott Getaway Car Chords chords 6
Misc Unsigned Bands Do Amor - Morena Russa Chords chords 3
Misc Unsigned Bands Do Amor - O Aviso Diz Chords chords 0
Marcelo Gross Eu Aqui E Você Nem Aí Chords chords 3
The Regrettes I Dont Like You Chords chords 3
Cloud District Please Consider Using This Song In Your Indie Movie Intro Tab tab 0
R C Smith Dont Drive Me Away Chords chords 3
Zoe Kravitz Dont Pretty Big Lies Chords chords 9
Grayscale Forever Yours Chords chords 18
Misc Unsigned Bands Acoustic Vakhanaly - Freeom Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Craig Gallagher Home Chords chords 24
Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show You Make My Pants Wanna Get Up And Dance Chords chords 0
Two Hours Traffic Whenever We Finish Chords chords 0
Sister Act The Life I Never Led Ukulele ukulele 0
Tim Minchin Hope From Groundhog Day Chords chords 9
Cosmo Pyke Wish You Were Gone Chords chords 21
Misc Remixes Francis And The Lights - May I Have This Dance Remix Feat Chance The Rapper Chords chords 57
Misc Unsigned Bands Thai Thinh - Duyen Phan Guitar Pro guitar pro 9
Amasic 4 Chords Songs Mashup Chords chords 6
Wormrot Fallen Into Disuse Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
cavetown Banana Bread Tab tab 18
Bedhead Beside Table Tab tab 6
Les Misérables Le Grand Jour Chords chords 3
Patrick Doyle Sigh No More Ladies Chords chords 6
Logan Paul Help Me Help You Chords chords 339
Henry Jamison Through A Glass Tab tab 3
Tryo Greenwashing Chords chords 0
Pinguini Tattici Nucleari Me Want Marò Back Chords chords 12
Misc Unsigned Bands Southern Land - Hard Goodbyes Chords chords 0
Jerry Wallace Youre Singing Our Love Song To Somebody Else Chords chords 6
Kina Grannis All My Life Ukulele ukulele 0
Blackbear City Of Dreams Acoustic Chords chords 6
Jerry Wallace Do You Know What Its Like To Be Lonesome Chords chords 3
PWR BTTM Sissy Chords chords 3
Misc Your Songs Zázrak Chords chords 3
Wiener Blond Der Letzte Kaiser Chords chords 3
David Ryan Harris Still Be Loving You Chords chords 9
Cheap Trick Oh Claire Tab tab 0
Marv & Philipp Dittberner Tretboot Chords chords 0
Boris Tchaikovsky Balzaminov Wedding Guitar Pro guitar pro 9
Cheap Trick Yeah Yeah Tab tab 12
Ildjarn Before My Eyes Forever Tab tab 3
Mark Erelli Tired Eyes Chords chords 0
Silent Old Mtns. Youve Got Your Sights On Me Now Chords chords 0
LDS Hymns We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet Chords chords 0
Rainbow Mistreated Solo Tab tab 3
Newsboys Disaster Chords chords 6
Wrinkle Neck Mules Eyes Down Chords chords 6
Patrick Watson Grace Chords chords 3
Gente de Zona Algo Contigo Chords chords 6
Update : may 21, 2017
Robert Tepper The Unforgiven Chords chords 6
Galactic Cowboys Pump Up The Space Suit Bass bass 6
Lonestar All The Way Chords chords 0
Brad Sucks Out Of It Chords chords 3
Motorpsycho Fools Gold Chords chords 3
Vallanzaska Cheope Chords chords 0
Vallanzaska Raggaemilia Chords chords 0
Misc Cartoons Ikoku Meiro No Croisée The Animation - Tooku Kimi E - Nakajima Megumi Chords chords 3
MisterWives Let The Light In Chords chords 0