Top 10 new albums:
White Album Chords
by Weezer

Lemonade Album Chords
by Beyoncé

Donutes Album Chords
by Frankie Cosmos

The Hope Six Demolition Project Album Chords
by PJ Harvey

The Dolls Of New Albion Album Chords
by Paul Shapera

Girl Talk Album Bass Tab
by Kate Nash

Honey Moon Album Chords
by The Handsome Family

Little Earthquakes Album Chords
by Tori Amos

Blood To Bone Album Chords
by Gin Wigmore

Closer Album Guitar Pro Tab
by Chronicles

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Update : may 1, 2016
Write This Down Cliffs And Cars Drum Tab Drums 0
Update : apr 27, 2016
Alkaline Trio Calling All Skeletons Drum Tab Drums 0
Update : apr 19, 2016
Amon Amarth One Thousand Burning Arrows Drum Tab Drums 24
Update : apr 18, 2016
Annihilator Time Bomb Drum Tab Drums 3
Update : apr 1, 2016
As I Lay Dying The Sound Of Truth Drum Tab Drums 18
Update : mar 22, 2016
Pearl Jam Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town Drum Tab Drums 21
Update : mar 16, 2016
Falling In Reverse Raised By Wolves Drum Tab Drums 30