Top 10 new albums:
Revolution Radio Album Chords
by Green Day

I Know That I Wasnt Right Album Chords
by Allen Stone

1 Album Chords
by The Beatles

Oh My My Album Chords
by OneRepublic

Memulai Kembali Album Chords
by Monita Tahalea

Dont You Know Album Chords
by kungs

Evolution Album Chords
by Sabrina Carpenter

Forever Changes Album Tab
by Love

Monsters Of The Universe Come Out And Plague Album Tab
by Wednesday 13

Dur Comme Fer Album Chords
by Francis Cabrel

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Update : oct 25, 2016
Juliet Simms Trouble Finds You Chords Chords 0
Bart Van den Bossche Ga Met Me Mee Chords Chords 0
Elvis Presley This Is The Story Chords Chords 0
Todd Snider I Spoke As A Child Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Kevin Devine No History Acoustic Chords Chords 0
John Prine Somewhere Someones Falling In Love Chords Chords 0
Natalie Grant Another Day Chords Chords 0
Michl Tell Me The Same Chords Chords 0
Streetlight Manifesto Toe To Toe Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Wintersleep Amerika Tab Tab 0
Twrp Icq Tab Tab 0
Elvis Presley Long Black Limousine Chords Chords 0
James Bay Need The Sun To Break Chords (ver 3) Chords 0
Mikael Wiehe Jakten På Dalai Lama Chords Chords 0
Steve Aoki Back 2 U Feat Walk The Moon Chords Chords 0
Blitzen Trapper Across The River Chords Chords 0
Anne-Marie Gemini Chords Chords 0
Hank Williams III 3 Shades Of Black Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Muse Follow Me Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Huey Lewis & The News Time Aint Money Intro Tab Tab 0
Vice Squad Summer Fashion Tab Tab 0
Twenty One Pilots Taxi Cab Chords (ver 6) Chords 3
Douwe Bob How Come The Good Die Young Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Worship Central Dead Things To Life Chords Chords 0
The Frights She Makes Me Chords Chords 3
Def Leppard Tonight Tab (ver 3) Tab 3
Silverlane Anything Chords Chords 0
Herbert Grönemeyer Morgenrot Chords Chords 0
The Irish Rovers Up Among The Heather Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Counting Crows Perfect Blue Buildings Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
Bartika Eam Rai Najeek Chords Chords 0
Gospel Prayer Of St Francis Chords Chords 0
Smiley Indragostit Chords Chords 3
Becky G You Love It Chords Chords 0
Sopot Zovi Me Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Chris de Burgh Waiting For The Hurricane Chords Chords 0
John Williams The Long Goodbye Chords Chords 9
Daniel Padilla Kumusta Ka Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Rudi Schuricke Caprifischer Chords Chords 0
Madeline Juno Waldbrand Chords Chords 3
The Amazons Ultraviolet Chords Chords 3
Forever Still Miss Madness Chords Chords 3
Nick Jonas Voodoo Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Deaf Havana Boston Square Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Green Day Say Goodbye Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Mikey Mason The Wisdom Of Hounds Chords Chords 3
NateWantsToBattle Home Chords Chords 6
Grace Grundy In The Name Of Love Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Wrinkle Neck Mules Double Blade Chords Chords 0
Moddi Strange Fruit Chords Chords 0
Moddi Punk Prayer Chords Chords 0
Moddi Open Letter Chords Chords 6
Moddi Parrot Goat And Rooster Chords Chords 0
The Nailings Stolen Colors снова назад Chords Chords 3
The Nailings Stolen Colors обман это новая реальность Chords Chords 3
The Nailings Stolen Colors песня случая Chords Chords 3
Akhil Hayy Ikhlas Dariku Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Pierre Linder - Villi Frooge Won Ich Jo No Haa Chords Chords 0
Sacha Distel Lincendie à Rio Chords Chords 0
Alleluia Music Ancient Of Days Chords Chords 0
Misc Computer Games Final Fantasy V - My Home Sweet Home Acoustic Tab Tab 0
Nico Stai One October Song Tab Tab 0
Ignite Live For Better Days Acoustic Tab Tab 3
After The Burial Deluge Solo Tab Tab 3
Burton Cummings Your Backyard Chords Chords 0
The Dear Hunter Mr Usher On His Way To Town Chords Chords 0
Juliet Simms Tidal Wave Chords Chords 3
Citizens & Saints Before The Throne Chords Chords 6
Vice Squad Young Blood Tab Tab 0
Ray LaMontagne Another Day Chords Chords 0
Beyries Jaurai Cent Ans Chords Chords 0
Kings of Leon Wild Chords Chords 6
Townes Van Zandt Snake Song Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Tommy Walker These Things Are True Of You Chords Chords 0
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches Piss Off Chords Chords 0
Alicia Keys Blended Family Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Pharrell Williams Runnin Chords Chords 0
David Nail Good At Tonight Chords Chords 3
Tilian Pearson True Acoustic Chords Chords 3
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Stand And Be Counted Chords Chords 3
Lady Gaga Angel Down Chords (ver 2) Chords 36
Lady Gaga Hey Girl Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Elvis Presley Youll Think Of Me Chords Chords 0
Wrinkle Neck Mules Leaving Chattanooga Chords Chords 0
Elvis Presley Inherit The Wind Chords Chords 12
Lady Gaga Dancin In Circles Chords (ver 2) Chords 9
The Valley Found In You Chords Chords 3
The Valley Immerse Chords Chords 6
The Valley Youre Still Good Chords Chords 6
The Valley Soak Chords Chords 3
The Valley Seek Your Face Chords Chords 0
Elvis Presley My Little Friend Chords Chords 3
Bryan Adams Take Me Back Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Dave Berry Little Things Chords Chords 3
Behind Crimson Eyes I Caused Global Warming Chords Chords 0
Dave Berry Baby Its You Chords Chords 3
Tom Waits I Wish I Was In New Orleans Chords (ver 3) Chords 9
Michael Jackson Rock With You Chords (ver 6) Chords 3
Paul Baloche Just To Be With You Chords (ver 4) Chords 0
Jeff Rosenstock To Be A Ghost Chords Chords 0
Gordon Downie I Will Not Be Struck Chords Chords 6
Dave Berry My Baby Left Me Chords Chords 6
James Arthur Say You Wont Let Go Intro Tab (ver 5) Tab 18
Dave Berry This Strange Effect Chords Chords 6
Gordon Downie Seven Matches Chords Chords 12
Slade Come On Feel The Noise Acoustic Chords Chords 6
Quiet Riot Cum On Feel The Noize Acoustic Chords Chords 6
Sixx:A.M. We Will Not Go Quietly Solo Tab Tab 3
Beautiful Eulogy Instruments Of Mercy Chords Chords 0
Bryan Adams Here I Am Acoustic Tab Tab 0
Kari Kimmel Nothing Left To Lose Tab Tab 0
Leonard Cohen Famous Blue Raincoat Chords (ver 3) Chords 0
James Bay Clocks Go Forward Chords (ver 2) Chords 9
Poets of the Fall Drama For Life Chords Chords 0
Update : oct 24, 2016
Worship Central At Your Name Live Chords Chords 0
Young Rising Sons Simple Life Chords Chords 6
Robbie Williams Love My Life Chords (ver 2) Chords 9
Jethro Tull Rover Tab Tab 6
Miroslav Skoro Zadnja Zelja Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Norbert Und Walter - Kannst Mei Liebe Spürn Chords Chords 3
M Daud Kilau Cek Mek Molek Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Sergey Lazarev In My Lonely Life Chords Chords 12
My Chemical Romance Not That Kind Of Girl Chords Chords 6
The Hooters Johnny B Chords (ver 3) Chords 0
Garth Brooks Baby Lets Lay Down And Dance Acoustic Chords Chords 21
Elvis Presley Ill Remember You Chords (ver 2) Chords 21
Moddi June Fourth Chords Chords 3
Projector Band Sudahku Tahu Chords Chords 0
Old Man Canyon Sugar City Chords Chords 3
Elvis Presley Fools Fall In Love Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Elvis Presley Love Letters Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Fiddler's Green Yindy Chords Chords 12
Elvis Presley Tomorrow Is A Long Time Chords Chords 3
Disturbed Never Wrong Tab Tab 3
Marlene Dietrich Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuß Auf Liebe Eingestellt Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Casting Crowns Loving My Jesus Chords Chords 0
Casting Crowns Always Enough Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Two Door Cinema Club Surgery Chords Chords 9
Del Shannon Little Town Flirt Chords Chords 0
Dia Frampton I Will Chords Chords 3
Pierre Degeyter Internationalen Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Wells Final Word Chords Chords 15
Plastic Light Factory Moons And Paradays Chords Chords 3
Marcus Cole Remember To Breathe Chords Chords 0
Brian Doerksen Altar Of Love Chords Chords 0
Misc Soundtrack Die Drei Von Der Tankstelle - Ein Freund Ein Guter Freund Chords Chords 12
Wax Fang Majestic Tab Tab 9
Lesson Guitar Exercice De Déiliateur Tab Tab 6
Elvis Presley Do You Know Who I Am Chords Chords 3
Douwe Bob Jacobs Song Chords Chords 30
Elvis Presley Give Me The Right Chords (ver 2) Chords 21
Marc Cohn The Things Weve Handed Down Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Little Mix Shout Out To My Ex Chords (ver 3) Chords 96
Young The Giant Jungle Youth Chords Chords 6
Trille Danmark Chords Chords 0
Local Sound Shepherd Chords Chords 3
Local Natives Mother Emanuel Chords Chords 0
Local Natives Jellyfish Chords Chords 3
Young The Giant Home Of The Strange Chords Chords 0
Young The Giant Nothings Over Chords Chords 3
Yall Hundred Miles Chords Chords 3
Simon & Garfunkel Kathys Song Chords (ver 3) Chords 9
Kings of Leon Muchacho Tab Tab 39
Sundara Karma She Said Solo Tab (ver 2) Tab 0
Kari Jobe All To Jesus I Surrender Chords Chords 0
Newday Good Things Intro Tab Tab 0
Blues Saraceno Bad Man Tab Tab 0
Wrinkle Neck Mules Parting Of The Clouds Chords Chords 0
My Little Pony My Past Is Not Today Chords Chords 0
Musikatha Babad Sa Presensya Mo Chords Chords 0
Kim Walker-smith Unstoppable Love Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Mindy Gledhill I Do Adore Chords (ver 3) Chords 6
Ariana Grande Moonlight Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Ward Davis Get To Work Whiskey Chords Chords 0
Ward Davis No Goin Home Acoustic Chords Chords 0
Huey Lewis & The News You Crack Me Up Chords Chords 0
Huey Lewis & The News Some Of My Lies Are True Chords Chords 6
Genesis No Son Of Mine Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
Paolo Conte Azzurro Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Counting Crows A Long December Chords (ver 8) Chords 0
Amaury Perez Andes Lo Que Andes Chords Chords 3
Shanon Suvi Kestab Veel Chords Chords 0
The Duhks Suffer No Fools Chords Chords 0
Jeff Rosenstock Blast Damage Days Chords Chords 27
Third Day Love Heals Your Heart Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Vesa-Matti Loiri Sydämeeni Joulun Teen Chords Chords 18
Petal Shame Chords Chords 6
Two Door Cinema Club Ordinary Chords Chords 12
Chris Tomlin Awesome Is The Lord Most High Chords (ver 3) Chords 3
The Growlers World Unglued Chords Chords 3
Jeff Rosenstock Rainbow Chords Chords 12
Misc Children Pbs Kids - Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Chords Chords 3
Saskwatch Born To Break Your Heart Chords Chords 0
The Nailings Stolen Colors для тебя Chords Chords 0
The Nailings Stolen Colors их игры Chords Chords 3
Every Avenue For Always Forever Chords Chords 0
Christopher Cross Arthurs Theme Acoustic Chords Chords 15
Shakira Estoy Aquí Chords (ver 4) Chords 9
Kaizers Orchestra Christiania Chords Chords 6
Jordan Kauflin All I Have Is Christ Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Third Day How Do You Know Chords Chords 3
Darrell Scott Take Me Back To Yesterday Chords Chords 0
JoBoxers Just Got Lucky Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Against Me! Dead Rats Chords Chords 15
Rainbirds Blueprint Chords (ver 5) Chords 0
The Nailings Stolen Colors всё меньше добра Chords Chords 0
The Nailings Stolen Colors хорошее время чтобы быть живым Chords Chords 3
Seekae Turbine Blue Chords Chords 12
Richie Arci Song I Wrote For My Ex-girlfriend Chords Chords 3
Franzl Lang Bergvagabunden Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Hostel Shower Incident - Ok Its Onga Intro Tab Tab 3
Hillsongs Forever Chords (ver 5) Chords 6
Eagles New Kid In Town Chords (ver 3) Chords 9
Arbes 45 Solo Tab Tab 0
Eden And Intro Tab Tab 9
Riyanka Roy Choudhury Jiya Jaye Na Chords Chords 3
Lydia Chavez You Are My Happiness Chords Chords 9
Buster Moe Little Sister Chords Chords 0
Bo Burnham Channel 5 News Chords Chords 0
Dina Bonnevie Bakit Ba Ganyan Chords Chords 3
Electric Light Orchestra Strange Magic Chords (ver 3) Chords 9
Dina Bonnevie Bakit Ba Ganyan Tab Tab 0
Bread If Chords (ver 9) Chords 6
Sticky Fingers One By One Chords Chords 45
The Vamps All Night Chords Chords 93
Batta Chase Chords Chords 3
Misc Cartoons Ost Death Note Tab Tab 0
Huey Lewis & The News Whatever Happened To True Love Chords Chords 0
Huey Lewis & The News We Should Be Making Love Chords Chords 3
Henrik Menander Arbetets Söner Chords Chords 6
Huey Lewis & The News Thats Not Me Chords Chords 3
Split Enz My Mistake Tab Tab 33
Straitjacket Fits Down In Splendour Chords Chords 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Basket Trio - Child With A Gun Intro Tab Tab 0
Huey Lewis & The News Change Of Heart Chords Chords 9
Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra Bagong Lipunan Acoustic Chords Chords 42
Huey Lewis & The News Small World Chords Chords 3
Huey Lewis & The News Perfect World Chords Chords 12
Kevin Lostim Human Disection Tab Tab 0
Huey Lewis & The News Now Heres You Chords Chords 0
Kevin Lostim Blood Lake Tab Tab 0
Huey Lewis & The News It Hit Me Like A Hammer Chords (ver 2) Chords 18
Pharaoh Overlord Skyline Tab Tab 0
Misc Unsigned Bands Defaced - Keiths A Fing Legend Tab Tab 3
Huey Lewis & The News If You Really You Love Me You Let Me Chords Chords 0
Huey Lewis & The News I Know What I Like Chords Chords 3
Huey Lewis & The News Hope You Love Me Like You Say I Do Chords Chords 0
Huey Lewis & The News Dont Make Do It Chords Chords 21
Huey Lewis & The News Dont Look Back Chords Chords 12
We The Union I Will Trust In You Chords Chords 3
Huey Lewis & The News Couple Days Off Chords Chords 9
Guadarraya 1537 Chords Chords 3
John Moreland Hang Me On The Tulsa County Stars Chords Chords 9
Zarah Leander Kann Denn Liebe Sünde Sein Chords Chords 0
Malayang Pilipino Ang Lahat Ay Magsasaya Chords (ver 2) Chords 6
Misc Traditional The Game Of Cards Chords Chords 0
Alexis Harte No Wrong Way Home Acoustic Chords Chords 6
Axl Peleman Kzen Van A Chords Chords 3
Kevin Spencer & Friends Itll Be Worth It After All Chords Chords 6
Misc Unsigned Bands Logan Kinsella - Who I Wanna Be Chords Chords 3
William Singe Hotline Bling Intro Tab Tab 9
Misc Unsigned Bands Arthur Alexander - Every Day I Have To Cry Some Chords Chords 6
Adam Torres Juniper Arms Tab Tab 12
Sarah Aument Walking Tab Tab 18
NUDE Polja Sanj Acoustic Chords Chords 3
Gurra G Citronen är Gul Intro Chords Chords 3
Emily Frith History Chords Chords 21
City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur No Reservation Chords Chords 3
Daimaou Kosaka Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Ppap Tab Tab 216
Samson Schmitt Quintet Paris Sous La Pluie Solo Tab Tab 0
Misc Computer Games Survivors Under The Sky Ikari Team Ost King Of Fighters Xiv Tab Tab 12
Misc Computer Games Belief Kim Team Theme Ost King Of Fighters Xiv Tab Tab 6
Lawrence Oh No Live Chords Chords 0
Tera Melos Melody 4 Tab Tab 39
Skye Sweetnam Number One Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Inspiral Carpets Rain Song Chords Chords 0
Alice in Chains Nutshell Chords (ver 4) Chords 78
Missy Higgins Steer Chords (ver 8) Chords 3
Skye Sweetnam Unpredictable Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Lou Bega Mambo No 5 Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Skye Sweetnam Hypocrite Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Skye Sweetnam Shot To Pieces Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Third Day Rise Up Chords (ver 2) Chords 3
Elio e le Storie Tese Bis Chords Chords 0
Elio e le Storie Tese Acido Lattico Chords Chords 3
The Dollyrots Starting Over Chords Chords 0
Elio e le Storie Tese Yes I Love You Chords Chords 0
Elio e le Storie Tese Lindianata Chords Chords 3
Elio e le Storie Tese Carro Chords Chords 0
Elio e le Storie Tese Beatles Rolling Stones Bob Dylan Chords Chords 0
Young The Giant Repeat Chords Chords 36
Ken Ring Nu Måste Vi Dra Chords Chords 0
Alcazar Sexual Guarantee Chords Chords 0
Sonic Youth Schizophrenia Tab (ver 3) Tab 21
Rend Collective Whatever Comes Chords Chords 30
Jeff Rosenstock Bang On The Door Chords Chords 39
Boy Baldomaro Kasama Natin Ang Diyos Chords (ver 2) Chords 0
Roxette Queen Of Rain Chords Chords 0
Ace Wilder Heart For Rent Chords Chords 0
Huey Lewis & The News Workin For A Livin Chords Chords 6