Top 10 new albums:
After Laughter Album Chords
by Paramore

Melodrama Album Chords
by Lorde

The Ride Album Chords
by Catfish and the Bottlemen

Theme From To Kill A Dead Man Album Bass
by Portishead

How Did We Get So Dark Album Bass
by Royal Blood

Every Where Is Some Where Album Chords
by K.Flay

Funkadelic Album Chords
by Funkadelic

Elina Born Album Chords
by Elina Born

Soulprints Album Chords
by Smith & Thell

Luomo Sogna Di Volare Album Chords
by Negrita


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Luis Fonsi Despacito Chords (ver 5) chords 478779
Linkin Park Castle Of Glass Chords (ver 6) chords 409723
Miley Cyrus Malibu Chords (ver 2) chords 167634
Harry Styles Sweet Creature Chords chords 110316
Miley Cyrus Malibu Chords chords 93936
Niall Horan Slow Hands Chords chords 88893
Charlie Puth Attention Chords (ver 2) chords 78927
Luis Fonsi Despacito Solo Tab tab 75666
DJ Khaled Im The One Chords chords 65373
Rizky Febian Cukup Tau Chords chords 57864
Harry Styles Two Ghosts Chords chords 48648
Harry Styles Sweet Creature Tab tab 33831
Harry Styles From The Dining Table Chords chords 30303
Luis Fonsi Despacito Intro Tab tab 29613
Charlie Puth Attention Chords (ver 4) chords 26157
Chris Stapleton Either Way Chords chords 25989
Shawn Mendes Theres Nothing Holdin Me Back Chords (ver 3) chords 25101
Harry Styles Two Ghosts Chords (ver 3) chords 24354
Imagine Dragons Thunder Chords chords 22671
Maluma Felices Los 4 Chords chords 22458
Harry Styles Meet Me In The Hallway Chords chords 20568
Camila Cabello I Have Questions Chords chords 19995
Paramore 26 Chords chords 18513
Harry Styles Sweet Creature Chords (ver 2) chords 18387
Hillsong United Wonder Chords chords 18051
Harry Styles Carolina Chords chords 17844
Camila Cabello Crying In The Club Chords chords 16818
Halsey Strangers Chords chords 16659
Halsey Sorry Chords (ver 2) chords 16611
Lord Huron The Night We Met Acoustic Chords chords 15570
Harry Styles Kiwi Chords chords 15402
Selena Gomez Bad Liar Chords (ver 2) chords 15147
Charlie Puth Attention Bass bass 15132
XXXTENTACION Garettes Revenge Chords chords 14994
Harry Styles Two Ghosts Chords (ver 2) chords 14733
Halsey Eyes Closed Chords chords 14292
Linkin Park One More Light Chords chords 13830
Charlie Puth Attention Intro Tab tab 13767
Paramore Told You So Chords chords 13566
Halsey Sorry Chords chords 13002
Paramore Rose-colored Boy Chords chords 12714
Charlie Puth Attention Chords (ver 3) chords 12612
Logan Paul Help Me Help You Chords chords 12582
Imagine Dragons Whatever It Takes Chords chords 12249
Paramore Fake Happy Chords (ver 2) chords 12231
Harry Styles Woman Chords chords 12123
Selena Gomez Bad Liar Chords chords 11961
BibisBeautyPalace How It Is Chords chords 11904
Harry Styles Sweet Creature Chords (ver 3) chords 11832
Harry Styles Kiwi Chords (ver 2) chords 11736
Miley Cyrus Malibu Ukulele ukulele 11664
Foo Fighters Run Tab (ver 2) tab 11649
Tessa Violet Words Aint Enough Chords chords 11361
BTS Blood Sweat And Tears Chords chords 11235
Paramore 26 Tab tab 11088
Luis Fonsi Despacito Chords (ver 7) chords 10419
Chris Stapleton Either Way Tab tab 9699
Radiohead I Promise Chords chords 9675
Alan Walker Tired Chords chords 9522
Jonas Blue Jonas Blue - Mama Chords chords 9429
Liam Payne Strip That Down Chords chords 9096
Paramore Fake Happy Chords chords 8918
Martin Garrix There For You Chords chords 8769
Harry Styles From The Dining Table Tab tab 8619
Fall Out Boy Young And Menace Chords (ver 2) chords 8589
Lorde Perfect Places Chords chords 8487
Hailee Steinfeld Most Girls Chords (ver 2) chords 8427
Misc Remixes Luis Fonsi - Despacito Intro Tab tab 8313
Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois Chords (ver 4) chords 8292
Harry Styles Sign Of The Times Ukulele ukulele 8265
David Guetta 2u Chords chords 8181
Paramore Told You So Tab tab 8136
Lord Huron The Night We Met Chords (ver 2) chords 8136
Liam Gallagher Wall Of Glass Chords chords 8028
Hailee Steinfeld Most Girls Chords chords 7986
Charlie Puth Attention Intro Tab (ver 2) tab 7839
Paramore Hard Times Ukulele ukulele 7311
Niall Horan Slow Hands Chords (ver 3) chords 7290
anna clendening Boys Like You Chords chords 7269
Khalid Young Dumb And Broke Chords chords 7266
Post Malone Congratulations Chords (ver 2) chords 7230
Madison Beer Dead Chords chords 6990
BTS 4 Oclock Chords chords 6966
Halsey Strangers Chords (ver 2) chords 6927
Parineeti Chopra Maana Ki Hum Yaar Nahi Chords chords 6861
Halsey Eyes Closed Stripped Chords chords 6633
Kygo First Time Chords chords 6534
Harry Styles Two Ghosts Acoustic Chords chords 6318
Harry Styles Only Angel Chords chords 6165
Luis Fonsi Despacito Intro Tab (ver 2) tab 6144
Reuben Gray Lifeline Chords chords 6141
Machine Gun Kelly Let You Go Chords chords 6090
Foo Fighters Run Chords chords 6036
Liam Gallagher Wall Of Glass Chords (ver 2) chords 5973
Steven Wilson Pariah Chords chords 5853
Blackbear Do Re Mi Chords chords 5826
Paramore Tell Me How Chords chords 5814
Nirvana Endless Nameless Live Guitar Pro guitar pro 5791
Linkin Park Sharp Edges Chords chords 5769
Katy Perry Bon Appétit Chords chords 5763
Halsey Heaven In Hiding Chords chords 5694
Mac DeMarco One More Love Song Chords chords 5568
Linkin Park One More Light Tab tab 5535
Halsey 100 Letters Chords chords 5535
Cashmere Cat Quit Chords chords 5517
Camila Cabello Crying In The Club Chords (ver 2) chords 5331
Dnce Kissing Strangers Chords chords 5319
The Vamps Middle Of The Night Chords chords 5265
Stone Sour Song 3 Chords chords 5235
Paramore After Laughter Album Chords chords 5226
Fall Out Boy Young And Menace Chords chords 5199
Halsey Bad At Love Chords chords 5184
Paramore Caught In The Middle Chords chords 5172
Radiohead I Promise Chords (ver 2) chords 5139
Nickelback Song On Fire Chords chords 5082
OneRepublic No Vacancy Chords chords 4995
Misc Computer Games Persona 5 - Life Will Change Instrumental Solo Tab tab 4980
Machine Gun Kelly Rehab Chords chords 4938
Lana Del Rey Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind Chords chords 4887
Jason Isbell If We Were Vampires Chords chords 4881
Logic 1-800-273-8255 Chords chords 4851
Foo Fighters Run Tab tab 4842
Isyana Sarasvati Sekali Lagi Chords chords 4821
Alice Merton No Roots Chords (ver 2) chords 4767
Darin Ja Må Du Leva Chords chords 4737
Chris Stapleton I Was Wrong Chords chords 4734
Muse Dig Down Chords chords 4716
Ed Sheeran Shape Of You Chords (ver 7) chords 4677
Lorde Writer In The Dark Chords chords 4650
Harry Styles Woman Chords (ver 2) chords 4581
Dear Evan Hansen Waving Through A Window Ukulele (ver 3) ukulele 4554
Paramore Pool Chords chords 4521
Grzegorz Hyży O Pani Chords chords 4518
Paramore Tell Me How Chords (ver 2) chords 4509
Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois Chords (ver 5) chords 4494
Seventeen 세븐틴 울고 싶지 않아 Dont Wanna Cry Chords chords 4461
Jasmine Thompson Old Friends Chords chords 4452
All Time Low Good Times Chords chords 4371
Paramore Told You So Chords (ver 2) chords 4332
Blackbear Hell Is Where I Dreamt Of U And Woke Up Alone Chords chords 4287
Linkin Park Invisible Chords chords 4278
Roger Waters Deja Vu Chords chords 4215
Niall Horan Slow Hands Chords (ver 2) chords 4191
HAIM Want You Back Chords chords 4188
Harry Styles Meet Me In The Hallway Chords (ver 2) chords 4137
Misc Cartoons Boku No Hero Academia - Peace Sign Chords chords 4113
Chris Stapleton Broken Halos Chords (ver 2) chords 4104
Hillsong United Shadow Step Chords chords 4104
Robin Schulz Ok Chords chords 4059
Housefires The Way New Horizon Chords chords 3984
Paramore Forgiveness Chords chords 3984
Mac DeMarco Still Beating Chords chords 3942
Tori Kelly Dont You Worry About A Thing Chords chords 3906
Royal Blood Hook Line And Sinker Tab tab 3882
Pizzera & Jaus Mama Chords chords 3879
The Beatles Here There And Everywhere Chords (ver 7) chords 3837
Harry Styles Sweet Creature Chords (ver 4) chords 3801
Drake Passionfruit Chords (ver 5) chords 3744
Paramore Idle Worship Chords chords 3639
Riccardo Marcuzzo Perdo Le Parole Chords chords 3630
Hillsong United So Will I 100 Billion X Chords chords 3624
Cezinando Håper Du Har Plass Chords chords 3618
All Time Low Life Of The Party Chords chords 3594
Dear Evan Hansen Disappear Chords chords 3588
Chris Stapleton I Was Wrong Chords (ver 2) chords 3585
Dodie Clark Party Tattoos Chords chords 3579
Khalid 8teen Chords chords 3564
Paramore Rose-colored Boy Ukulele ukulele 3552
Sia To Be Human Chords chords 3543
Mac DeMarco One Another Chords chords 3459
Picture This Never Change Chords chords 3459
Miley Cyrus Inspired Chords chords 3426
Halsey Alone Chords chords 3417
Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone City Of Stars Chords (ver 2) chords 3357
Noah Cyrus Im Stuck Chords chords 3348
Nothing but Thieves Amsterdam Chords chords 3321
Be More Chill Michael In The Bathroom Chords chords 3312
Future Mask Off Chords (ver 2) chords 3303
BTS Butterfly Chords (ver 2) chords 3240
Dodie Clark New York New York Ukulele ukulele 3240
Tessa Violet Words Aint Enough Ukulele ukulele 3210
Liam Gallagher Wall Of Glass Tab tab 3207
Why Dont We Something Different Chords chords 3177
Dodie Clark No Words Ukulele ukulele 3177
Haqiem Rusli Selamat Tinggal Sayang Chords chords 3126
Junkie XL Wonder Woman Theme Intro Tab tab 3117
Haqiem Rusli Tergantung Sepi Chords (ver 2) chords 3114
Arcade Fire Everything Now Chords chords 3096
Mac DeMarco A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes Tab tab 3078
Oh Wonder My Friends Chords chords 3072
Silver Wham Bam Shang-a-lang Chords chords 3066
Shawn Mendes Theres Nothing Holdin Me Back Chords (ver 4) chords 3054
Misc Unsigned Bands Clairo - Bubblegum Chords chords 3024
Joji I Dont Wanna Waste My Time Chords chords 2991
Ethan Klein Midget Matzah Chords chords 2976
Alma Chasing Highs Chords chords 2973
Imagine Dragons Walking The Wire Chords chords 2952
Misc Soundtrack Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory - Pure Imagination Chords (ver 6) chords 2940
December Avenue Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig Chords chords 2940
Trixie Mattel Mama Dont Make Me Put On The Dress Again Chords chords 2913
Declan McKenna Humongous Chords chords 2907
XXXTENTACION Garettes Revenge Acoustic Tab tab 2895
Hillsong United Splinters And Stones Chords chords 2886
Paramore 26 Ukulele ukulele 2859
Niall Horan Slow Hands Intro Tab tab 2832
Khalid Location Chords (ver 3) chords 2832
PVRIS Heaven Chords (ver 2) chords 2811
Francesco Gabbani Tra Le Granite E Le Granate Chords chords 2811
Mac DeMarco Dreams From Yesterday Chords chords 2808
Blink-182 Wildfire Tab tab 2808
Lorde The Louvre Chords chords 2802
Hillsong United Wonder Chords (ver 2) chords 2766
Gorillaz Sleeping Powder Chords chords 2739
Harry Styles Kiwi Tab tab 2730
Arijit Singh Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Chords chords 2727
Elvis Presley Cant Help Falling In Love With You Chords (ver 4) chords 2706
Lorde Melodrama Album Chords chords 2691
Chris Stapleton Second One To Know Chords chords 2679
Jigar Saraiya & Sanah Moidutty Afeemi Chords chords 2670
Drake Passionfruit Chords (ver 6) chords 2670
The Vamps Middle Of The Night Chords (ver 2) chords 2664
Roméo Elvis Drôle De Question Chords chords 2664
Kasabian Wasted Chords chords 2658
Sigrid Dynamite Acoustic Chords chords 2643
Linkin Park Talking To Myself Chords chords 2631
Cosmo Pyke Social Sites Chords chords 2628
Rita Ora Your Song Chords chords 2616
Halsey Devil In Me Chords chords 2610
SZA Love Galore Chords chords 2589
Shawn Mendes Theres Nothing Holdin Me Back Tab tab 2583
Pettävällä Jäällä Chords chords 2538
John Legend Surefire Chords chords 2508
Cheat Codes No Promises Chords (ver 2) chords 2508
Hael Husaini Jampi Chords chords 2505
Royal Blood I Only Lie When I Love You Tab tab 2475
Kendrick Lamar Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe Chords chords 2448
New Hope Club Fixed Chords chords 2433
Aaron Goodvin Lonely Drum Chords chords 2424
PVRIS Heaven Chords chords 2404
Hyukoh Tomboy Chords chords 2391
Zac Brown Band Roots Chords chords 2379
Chris Cornell Black Hole Sun Acoustic Chords (ver 2) chords 2376
Dnce Kissing Strangers Bass bass 2358
Nickelback Song On Fire Chords (ver 2) chords 2355
Halsey Walls Could Talk Chords chords 2349
Dua Lipa Genesis Chords chords 2346
Halsey Strangers Chords (ver 4) chords 2340
Queens of the Stone Age The Way You Used To Do Tab tab 2334
G-Dragon Untitled 2014 Chords chords 2307
Tibz Nation Chords chords 2265
Two Feet Love Is A Bitch Tab tab 2262
Dodie Clark Party Tattoos Ukulele ukulele 2250
Twice Signal Chords chords 2232
Of Mice & Men Unbreakable Tab tab 2223
Martin Garrix There For You Chords (ver 2) chords 2220
Särkynyt Enkeli Chords chords 2214
HAIM Right Now Chords chords 2205
Chanyeol Stay With Me Intro Tab tab 2199
Mac DeMarco Baby Youre Out Chords chords 2196
London Grammar Oh Woman Oh Man Chords chords 2172
Daniel Caesar Streetcar Chords chords 2163
Tessa Violet Words Aint Enough Chords (ver 2) chords 2154
Katy Perry Swish Swish Chords chords 2154
Halsey Sorry Chords (ver 3) chords 2154
Fifth Harmony Down Chords chords 2148
Harry Styles Sweet Creature Tab (ver 2) tab 2139
Per Gessle Småstadsprat Chords chords 2130
Twice Signal Chords (ver 2) chords 2118
Halsey Hopeless Chords chords 2091
Lost Under Heaven The Great Longing Chords chords 2085
Chelsea Cutler Your Shirt Chords chords 2073
Bethel Music King Of My Heart Chords chords 2067
Julia Michaels Uh Huh Chords (ver 2) chords 2067
Luis Fonsi Despacito Chords (ver 6) chords 2061
Misc Unsigned Bands Raybaboon - Picture Frames Acoustic Chords chords 2041
Burak Yeter Tuesday Chords chords 2028
SZA Drew Barrymore Chords chords 2016
The War On Drugs Thinking Of A Place Chords chords 1998
Blackbear If I Could I Would Feel Nothing Chords chords 1995
Misc Soundtrack Hans Zimmer - Wonder Woman Theme Batman Vs Superman Guitar Pro guitar pro 1989
Gepe Hablar De Ti Ukulele ukulele 1986
Chris Cornell Imagine Chords chords 1983
Anne-Marie Ciao Adios Intro Tab tab 1977
Tom Walker Fly Away With Me Chords (ver 2) chords 1977
Ermal Meta Piccola Anima Chords chords 1962
Hän Tanssi Kanssa Enkeleiden Chords chords 1962
Muse Dig Down Solo Tab tab 1959
DJ Khaled Wild Thoughts Chords chords 1947
Calvin Harris Rollin Chords chords 1938
Lena Meyer-Landrut If I Wasnt Your Daughter Chords chords 1929
Vie Mut Minne Vaan Chords chords 1914
Winner Fool Chords chords 1914
Liam Gallagher Wall Of Glass Chords (ver 3) chords 1914
Nathan Trent Running On Air Chords (ver 2) chords 1890
Halsey Lie Chords chords 1890
Halsey Alone Chords (ver 2) chords 1890
Blink-182 Long Lost Feeling Tab tab 1878
All Time Low Nightmares Chords chords 1875
Dan Auerbach King Of A One Horse Town Chords (ver 2) chords 1872
BTS Lie Chords chords 1863