Top 10 new albums:
÷ Album Chords
by Ed Sheeran

Plus Album Chords
by Ed Sheeran

19 Album Chords
by Adele

Memories Do Not Open Album Chords
by The Chainsmokers

Kicker Album Chords
by Zella Day

A Girl A Bottle A Boat Album Chords
by Train

Among The Oak And Ash Album Chords
by Among The Oak and Ash

Provincial Album Chords
by John K. Samson

Crush Me Album Chords
by K.Flay

Elin Namnieks - All I Wanted To Say Album Chords
by Misc Your Songs


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Update : apr 23, 2017
Chantays Pipeline Bass (ver 3) bass 0
Buddy Alan All Around Cowboy Of 1964 Bass bass 0
Sam Cooke Twisting The Night Away Bass (ver 2) bass 0
Aki Sirkesalo Naispaholainen Chords chords 0
Frank Ocean Lens Chords chords 3
Bitty McLean It Keeps Rainin Chords chords 6
Mastodon Word To The Wise Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Patti Page Poor Mans Roses Chords chords 0
Lady Antebellum You Look Good Chords (ver 3) chords 0
John Williamson Flag Of Our Own Chords chords 3
Pretty Maids Savage Heart Chords chords 15
Etta James Id Rather Go Blind Chords (ver 3) chords 9
The Bulemics Harlot From Beyond Bass bass 0
Foreground Eclipse If You Feel Like Sinking Down Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Irma Thomas Dont Mess With My Man Chords chords 3
Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark Live Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Slim Dusty End Of The Canning Stock Route Chords chords 6
Brad Paisley Go To Bed Early Chords chords 3
Wise Guys Dialog Chords chords 0
Real Estate Same Sun Chords chords 3
Marty Robbins That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine Chords chords 0
I Am They Crown Him Chords chords 0
Laura Stoica Mereu Mă Ridic Chords chords 3
Laura Stoica Când Eşti Singur Chords chords 3
Laura Stoica Ai Fost Laş Chords chords 3
Laura Stoica Doar Tu Chords chords 0
Ed Sheeran Perfect Video (ver 2) video 0
Laura Stoica Toamna Pe Autostradă Chords chords 0
Liveloud Eyes On Chords chords 6
Update : apr 22, 2017
Lori McKenna Bible Song Chords chords 0
Jim Henry Last Call Chords chords 0
Raul Midón If Only Chords chords 0
Lill-Babs Leva Livet Chords chords 9
Project Pop Salah Chords chords 0
Kim Walker-smith You Define Me Chords chords 0
Kim Walker-smith Rise Chords chords 0
T.G. Sheppard Do You Wanna Go To Heaven Chords chords 0
Brad Paisley Contact High Chords chords 9
Cold War Kids Free To Breathe Chords chords 0
Kinga Bán Je Bent Anders Chords chords 0
Die Bremen Fans Das Wunder Von Der Weser Chords chords 3
Brad Paisley Love And War Chords chords 12
Brad Paisley Dying To See Her Chords chords 9
Rush Different Strings Chords chords 9
The Swellers Nothing More To Me Chords chords 3
Symphony X Legend Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
Impaled Nazarene Via Dolorosa Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Runrig Da Mile Bliadhna Chords chords 18
Misc Unsigned Bands Andy Crowley - Final Words Tab tab 12
Sheryl Crow Strangers Again Chords chords 6
Majik Real Chords chords 0
Tim Vantol Lost In The Unknown Chords chords 0
Keimzeit Hofnarr Chords (ver 2) chords 0
Tim Vantol The Hardway Chords chords 0
Matthew Good Bad Guys Win Chords chords 0
Davide Van De Sfroos Caino E Abele Chords chords 0
The High Strung The Luck You Got Solo Tab tab 0
Jaymes Young Feel Something Chords chords 9
Alejandro Y María Laura Agüita Del Equilibrio Ukulele ukulele 0
Lincoln Brewster There Is Power Solo Tab tab 3
Misc Unsigned Bands Allah Sanggup - Steve Dauna Chords chords 0
The Rolling Stones I Cant Get No Satisfaction Ukulele (ver 2) ukulele 12
Bread It Dont Matter To Me Chords (ver 6) chords 0
Supertramp The Meaning Tab tab 0
day6 How Can I Say Chords (ver 2) chords 12
Don Williams Louisiana Saturday Night Chords chords 6
The Cadillac Three The South Chords (ver 5) chords 0
Jinjer Pisces Guitar Pro guitar pro 12
Peter, Paul and Mary A Soalin Hey Ho Nobody Home Chords chords 15
Lost Under Heaven The Great Longing Chords chords 21
Joachim Witt Goldener Reiter Tab tab 0
Rolf Zuckowski Immer Wieder Kommt Ein Neuer Frühling Chords chords 9
Dune All That I Have Chords chords 6
Vitorino Queda Do Império Acoustic Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Dead by April I Cant Breathe Chords chords 0
Dead by April Crying Over You Chords chords 6
Misc Unsigned Bands Andy Crowley - Cliche Teenage Romance Acoustic Chords chords 6
The Avett Brothers Through My Prayers Chords chords 18
Zucchero Mama Bass bass 3
Rachel Fannan Beautiful Dreamer Chords chords 6
London Grammar Oh Woman Oh Man Chords chords 24
Juanes El Ratico Chords chords 0
Of Mice & Men Like A Ghost Guitar Pro guitar pro 12
Owen Never Meant Tab (ver 4) tab 3
Volumes 91367 Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Misc Cartoons Akame Ga Kill - Liar Mask Tab tab 6
Ängie Spun Chords chords 9
A Lot Like Birds Next To Ungodliness Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
Lauri Tahka And Elonkerjuu Kurittamma Rakastamma Chords chords 0
Tina Dico Private Party Chords chords 3
Charly Bliss Westermarck Chords chords 9
Knochenfabrik Filmriss Chords chords 15
BgA Whos It Gonna Be Chords chords 12
Disturbed The Sound Of Silence Video video 0
Cash Cash Surrender Chords (ver 4) chords 3
Dan Owen Riding Out The Storm Tab tab 0
Lucifer A Grave For Each One Of Us Tab tab 0
Lucifer Abracadabra Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Lucifer Purple Pyramid Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Lucifer Izrael Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Lucifer Sabbath Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Lucifer White Mountain Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Lucifer Morning Star Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
Lucifer Total Eclipse Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Lucifer A Grave For Each One Of Us Guitar Pro guitar pro 12
Monsta X Perfect Girl Chords chords 3
Dan Owen Moonlight Tab tab 3
Leaving Cardboard Houses Home Is Where The Heart Is Ukulele ukulele 3
Juan Carlos Serrano Farrucas Guitar Pro guitar pro 3
Pete Huttlinger I Walk The Line Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
The Lemon Twigs Frank Chords chords 6
Thundercat Show You The Way Chords chords 9
Ashley McBryde Luckiest Sob Chords chords 3
Dans Dans Some Are Intro Tab tab 0
Red Sun Rising The Otherside Tab (ver 2) tab 3
The Jesus and Mary Chain Always Sad Chords chords 12
Colosseum Elegy Chords chords 3
Peter Criss My Life Chords chords 18
JP Cooper September Song Intro Guitar Pro guitar pro 0
United Pursuit Band Resurrection Power Chords chords 6
Future Mask Off Chords (ver 2) chords 39
Villainy Paradise Lost Chords chords 0
Yukiko Okada さよなら・夏休み Bass bass 15
Kim Walker-smith Awaken Love Chords chords 6
hollyn Cant Live Without Chords (ver 2) chords 15
Yukiko Okada そよ風はペパーミント Bass bass 12
Circa Waves Fire That Burns Solo Tab tab 9
Nickelback This Means War Bass bass 3
Iron Maiden The Evil That Men Do Live Guitar Pro guitar pro 12
Kim Walker-smith Just One Touch Chords chords 0
Timoria Lombardia Chords chords 0
Timoria Sangue Impazzito Chords chords 0
Devendra Banhart The Ballad Of Keenan Milton Chords chords 9
Spinvis Hallo Maandag Chords chords 12
Jun Naruse Watashi No Koe Chords chords 3
coldrain The Revelation Guitar Pro (ver 3) guitar pro 9
LiL Bo Weep I Wrote This Song 4 U Chords chords 0
Trevor Hall Dust Chords chords 6
Khalifah Assalamualaikum Ustazah Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
Break My Fucking Sky Hello Farewell Guitar Pro guitar pro 9
Grand Magus Varangian Tab tab 0
Yvonne Elliman Love Me Chords chords 0
Erin Kun Tänään Lähden Chords chords 0
Glass Animals The Other Side Of Paradise Intro Tab tab 3
hollyn Cant Live Without Chords chords 6
Slushii I Still Recall Chords chords 0
Ryan Ellis Surrender Chords chords 6
Post Monroe Dixie Dust Chords chords 0
Devanation Psalm Of The Raven Tab tab 3
Misc Remixes Shawn Mendes - Theres Nothing Holdin Me Back Mercy Mashup Chords chords 15
Kim Walker-smith I Know Chords chords 6
Imagination Music And Lights Chords chords 0
Allie X Simon Says Chords chords 0
Material Issue Renee Remains The Same Bass bass 0
Shawn Hook Reminding Me Chords chords 63
Alma La Chute Est Lente Chords chords 3
Jessie Ware You I Forever Chords chords 3
Ariana Grande Beauty And The Beast Guitar Pro guitar pro 15
cavetown Hazel Chords chords 9
Gemma Hayes Chasing Chords chords 0
Shawn Mendes Theres Nothing Holdin Me Back Intro Tab (ver 2) tab 33
Tep No Swear Like A Sailor Intro Tab tab 0
The Magic Gang She Doesnt See Chords chords 0
MC Zaac Vai Embrazando Chords chords 9
Misc Remixes Needtobreathe Mashup Chords chords 0
Modern Baseball Death 4 My Birthday Chords chords 3
The Fureys Gallipoli Chords chords 6
Dan Bremnes He Knows Chords chords 6
Inna de Yard Crime Chords chords 3
Kuauhtli Vasquez Feeling So Good Chords chords 0
Chris Stapleton Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning Chords chords 48
Steve Martin Tonight You Belong To Me Ukulele (ver 5) ukulele 3
Incubus Nimble Bastard Chords chords 42
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Cornflake Intro Tab tab 12
Cocteau Twins Aikea Guinea Chords chords 15
Janis Martin Billy Boy Chords chords 0
Last Dinosaurs Always Chords chords 6
Moose Blood Cheek Chords chords 12
Moose Blood Shimmer Chords chords 0
Moose Blood Sway Chords chords 0
Buffalo Clover Misery Chords chords 6
Stephanie Rainey Please Dont Go Chords chords 9
Rise Against The Violence Tab (ver 2) tab 135
Rise Against The Violence Tab tab 111
Bikini Kill Feels Blind Solo Tab tab 3
Janis Martin Crackerjack Chords chords 6
Barasuara Sendu Melagu Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
Moose Blood Glow Chords chords 6
Paramore Hard Times Intro Tab (ver 2) tab 15
Confederate Railroad Trashy Women Chords (ver 2) chords 6
RADWIMPS Dream Lantern Acoustic Tab (ver 2) tab 39
Alex G Mud Solo Tab tab 6
Jonny Lang Lie To Me Chords chords 6
Bruno Mars Grenade Solo Tab tab 6
The Jam Its Too Bad Chords chords 6
Los Trovadores de Cuyo Virgen De La Carrodilla Chords chords 3
Dvicio Se Te Olvido Quererme Chords chords 0
Lana Del Rey High By The Beach Ukulele ukulele 9
Reckless Abandonment No More Hope Tab tab 3
Mujuice не забудем не простим Chords chords 3
EMMA6 Haus Mit Dem Basketballkorb Chords chords 0
Cool Aloha Chords (ver 2) chords 3
Lord Huron The Night We Met Tab (ver 2) tab 126
Misc Cartoons Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho - Hajimari No Shirushi - Chima Chords chords 3
Fred Eaglesmith Pretty Good Guy Live Chords chords 3
The Magic Gang No One Else Chords chords 0
Ali B Ik Huil Alleen Bij Jou Chords (ver 2) chords 15
Hannes Wader Trotz Alledem 3 Chords chords 9
Fairyland Look Into Lost Years Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
BTS Begin Chords chords 15
Counterfeit. Lost Everything Chords chords 6
Sonohra Continuerò Chords chords 6
Christina Grimmie I Only Miss You When I Breathe Chords chords 33
Ten Yard Fight The Only Way Album Tab tab 0
The Walters I Wanna Be Good Chords (ver 2) chords 0
Ten Yard Fight The Only Way Tab tab 0
Wanda Jackson Savin My Love Chords chords 3
Atif Aslam Dil Kare Chords chords 3
Little Clubthing Sadness Tab tab 0
Aquaria Firewings Chords chords 0
The Wedding Present Shatner Bass bass 3
Family Good Friend Of Mine Chords chords 0
Paul McCartney Twenty Flight Rock Bass bass 0
Robert Palmer Johnny And Mary Acoustic Chords chords 3
Jefferson Starship Sara Chords (ver 2) chords 6
Thompson Square Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not Acoustic Chords chords 0
Enemies Coral Castle Tab tab 3
Jaguar Love Georgia Chords chords 9
Misc Unsigned Bands Nicole Zefanya - Autumn Chords chords 6
Future Mask Off Intro Tab (ver 2) tab 39
Ian Rodgers Conspiracy Guitar Pro guitar pro 51
Mark Knopfler What It Is Chords (ver 2) chords 6
Bob Dylan Not Dark Yet Chords (ver 5) chords 6
Don Henley The Boys Of Summer Chords (ver 5) chords 3
Prince 1999 Acoustic Chords chords 12
Kendrick Lamar Love Chords chords 132
Kim Walker-smith Glimpse Chords chords 9
Epica Tides Of Time Guitar Pro (ver 6) guitar pro 24
Kendrick Lamar Loyalty Chords chords 48
015B 신 인류의 사랑 Tab tab 3
Misc Cartoons Mulan - Honor To Us All Chords chords 6
Kim Walker-smith Brave Surrender Chords chords 9
Update : apr 21, 2017
Cheap Trick I Want You Tab tab 6
Alex G Lighthouse Acoustic Chords chords 6
Jaymes Young Dark Star Ukulele ukulele 3
Rise Against The Violence Chords (ver 3) chords 69
Bonaparte White Noize Chords chords 15
Catherine McGrath Hell Would Have To Freeze Over Chords chords 3
Ashley McBryde Bible And A 44 Chords chords 6
Hurts Beautiful Ones Chords chords 42
Fleurie Theres A Ghost Ukulele ukulele 0
Microwave The Fever Bass bass 9
Midland Burn Out Chords chords 18
Los Piojos Agua Chords chords 3
Doe We Are Chords chords 3
Tom Petty Big Weekend Chords (ver 2) chords 21
Tom Petty Big Weekend Chords chords 9
John Williamson Cootamundra Wattle Chords (ver 2) chords 0
Pkew Pkew Pkew The Prime Minister Of Defense Chords chords 3
Elif Fort Knox Chords chords 9
Rise Against The Violence Chords (ver 2) chords 90
Eyehategod Man Is Too Ignorant To Exist Guitar Pro guitar pro 9
Sorority Noise No Halo Tab tab 12
Miriam Bryant Rocket Chords chords 39
Spice Girls Let Love Lead The Way Chords (ver 3) chords 0
Morat Ladrona Chords chords 21
Fred Eaglesmith White Ash And Black Ash Chords chords 0
Paul McCartney Lawdy Miss Clawdy Bass bass 0
Paul McCartney Again And Again And Again Bass bass 3
Negrita Rj Angelo Ribelle Chords chords 3
Negramaro Io Non Lascio Traccia Chords chords 3
Zucchero Ahum Chords chords 0
Juli Woanders Zu Hause Chords chords 3
Joni Mitchell Chelsea Morning Chords (ver 2) chords 12
Donovan Woods Wont Come Back Chords chords 15
Midland Fourteen Gears Chords chords 18
Blind Guardian Im Alive Guitar Pro (ver 2) guitar pro 9
BB Brunes Gare Au Loup Chords chords 0
Ryan McMullan A Winters Coat Chords chords 21
Dead by April Perfect The Way You Are Chords chords 6
Dead by April Our Worlds Collide Chords chords 3
Now Now School Friends Tab (ver 2) tab 3
Nights With You Chords chords 66
Misc Traditional Kirkossa Chords chords 162
Gemini Syndrome Sorry Not Sorry Chords chords 9
SYML Wheres My Love Ukulele ukulele 3
Max Prosa Auf Der Suche Nach Mehr Chords chords 3
Lauri Tahka And Elonkerjuu Istu Tyttöni Polvelle Chords chords 0
The Clash Groovy Times Chords chords 48
Bruno Mars Marry You Acoustic Guitar Pro guitar pro 6
Misc Unsigned Bands Mercy Brown Watchtower Medley Chords chords 0
King Dude Hello Mary Ukulele ukulele 3
Roger Waters Smell The Roses Chords chords 111
Between the Buried and Me Arsonist Guitar Pro (ver 2) guitar pro 21
Lorde Sober Interlude Chords chords 21
Lauri Tahka And Elonkerjuu Mettumaari Chords chords 3
Rise Against The Violence Chords chords 144
Suzanne Vega Zephyr And I Tab tab 6
Sodom Thats What An Unknown Killer Diarized Guitar Pro (ver 2) guitar pro 6
Dub Incorporation Maché Bécif Tab tab 6