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Jeff Loomis: Don't Limit Yourself to Listening Just 1 Style of Music, Soak It All In : "Listen to jazz, classical, '70s music, everything - there's so much art out there to listen to." [NEWS]
Jeff Loomis: Zero Order Phase : The album was recorded at Robert Lang Studios in Richmond Beach, Washington and was produced and mixed by Neil Kernon (Nevermore, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide). [REVIEW]
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Jeff Loomis Tabs [ power ]

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  ·   Devil Theory
Tracks: distortion guitar (x3), electric guitar (clean) (x2)
Tab Pro
  ·   Devil Theory Power
  ·   From Video Sweep Etude
Tracks: distortion guitar
Tab Pro
  ·   From Video Sweep Etude Power
  ·   Mils Of Machines
Tracks: acoustic guitar (nylon)
Tab Pro
  ·   Mils Of Machines Intro Power
  ·   Omegas Influence
Tracks: distortion guitar (x3)
Tab Pro
  ·   Omegas Influence Power
  ·   Requiem For The Living Power