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·   Ever Since The World Began
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·   Third Stone From The Sun

Jimi Jamison Chords & Tabs

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  ·   As Is Chords
  ·   Bittersweet Chords
  ·   Calling America Chords
  ·   Cant Look Away Chords
  ·   Cry Alone Chords
  ·   Cry Tough Chords
  ·   Ever Since The World Began [ 4 ] Chords
  ·   Ever Since The World Began Ukulele
  ·   Heaven Call Your Name Chords
  ·   I Cant Turn Back Chords
  ·   If You Walk Away Chords
  ·   Im Always Here
Tracks: electric grand piano, synth strings 2, pad 2 (warm) (x2), synth bass 1, electric bass (pick), drums, seashore, electric guitar (clean)
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  ·   Im Always Here Chords
  ·   Im Always Here Guitar Pro
  ·   Just Beyond The Clouds Chords
  ·   Keep It Evergreen Chords
  ·   Lost Chords
  ·   Never Too Late Chords
  ·   Never Too Late (ver 2) Chords
  ·   Not Tonight Chords
  ·   Not Tonight (ver 2) Chords
  ·   November Rain Chords
  ·   Shes Nothing To Me Chords
  ·   The Air That I Breathe Chords
  ·   The Air That I Breathe (ver 2) Chords
  ·   Third Stone From The Sun
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel), overdriven guitar, electric bass (finger), drums
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  ·   Third Stone From The Sun Guitar Pro