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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Damage : Damage is their best record in years, proof that the Blues Explosion are the real deal, getting better with age just like any other blues band. [REVIEW]
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·   She Said
·   Bellbottoms
·   Sweet N Sour

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Afro Tab
  ·   Bellbottoms [ 10 ] Tab
  ·   Burn It Off
Tracks: distortion guitar, overdriven guitar, drums (x2)
Tab Pro
  ·   Burn It Off Tab
  ·   Burn It Off Guitar Pro
  ·   Burn It Off Power
  ·   Calvin
Tracks: distortion guitar, electric guitar (muted), choir aahs, fretless bass, drums
Tab Pro
  ·   Calvin Guitar Pro
  ·   Ditch
Tracks: overdriven guitar (x2)
Tab Pro
  ·   Ditch Guitar Pro
  ·   Money Rocknroll
Tracks: overdriven guitar (x2), distortion guitar
Tab Pro
  ·   Money Rocknroll Power
  ·   Orange Tab
  ·   She Said
Tracks: distortion guitar, overdriven guitar, electric bass (finger), drums
Tab Pro
  ·   She Said Tab
  ·   She Said Guitar Pro
  ·   She Said Power
  ·   Sweet N Sour
Tracks: overdriven guitar (x3), distortion guitar, electric bass (finger)
Tab Pro
  ·   Sweet N Sour Tab
  ·   Sweet N Sour Power
  ·   Very Rare
Tracks: overdriven guitar, electric bass (finger)
Tab Pro
  ·   Very Rare Power