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Kreator's Petrozza: Old-School People Complain Internet Destroyed the Scene. I'm the Opposite : "There's a whole world of young, exciting bands out there, you just have to look for them a little bit." [NEWS]
Kreator: Gods Of Violence : Back after the explosive and surprising "Phantom Antichrist," Kreator add a little more freshness to their musical palette with a powerful and all-valves-fired album. [REVIEW]
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·   Enemy Of God
·   Violent Revolution
·   Hordes Of Chaos

Kreator Tabs [ bass ]

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  ·   Black Sunrise Bass
  ·   Corpses Of Liberty Bass
  ·   Endorama Bass
  ·   Enemy Of God [ 3 ] Bass
  ·   Mental Slavery Bass
  ·   People Of The Lie Bass
  ·   Phobia Bass
  ·   Riot Of Violence Bass
  ·   Violent Revolution [ 3 ] Bass
  ·   Voices Of The Dead Intro [ 6 ] Bass
  ·   Voices Of The Dead Intro (ver 2) Bass